Thursday, February 21, 2013

Introducing....'First Bennett'

If you follow me on IG you've already met the new guy in our lives.

Brady is the kind of kid who loves everyone and pretty much everything. He's pretty much happy to play with any toy or be around most anyone. It's just his personality. He is obsessed with trains, trucks and Toy Story. He's all boy but loves to play with barbies and cook in the kitchen.  I love that he's so very much into what he wants and I know that will fade but for now, I'm enjoying it.

When I was pregnant, I found this little doll at Target and thought he would be perfect since his little outfit says, "Little Brother!"  Brady played with him for half a second and then he got thrown into a bin somewhere A few months ago, we found him during a massive toy overhaul and he's been a figment in our lives ever since.

Meet First Bennett. He's small. Apparently, he poops A LOT. 

 He likes to nurse and cries when Brady leaves him. Hmmmm, sounds like someone else I know!

He also does get into trouble sometimes too!

I guess he gets first dibs on the name since he was around first? I don't know but when we asked Brady what his name was we were told it was "First Benny!'

Then we asked, "What is your brother's name?" His response was 'The OTHER Bennett, MOMMY!' like I should have just known that.

 He also reminds me that he is indeed a "pretend baby, MOMMY!" Geez, I should know that, right?

He goes everywhere Brady goes.

On wagon rides......
(side note: real benny hates hats!)

He does tummy time and plays with baby toys.

He takes naps.

Gets diaper changes (you know because he poops a lot) and Mommy then finds piles of wipes all over the house.

'Shhh' My baby is sleeping!

 He sleeps in bed with Brady and goes to the sitters house with him. It's the one thing he has to take with him to bed and I think I lose an hour or two each week looking for him (cause a responsible parent looses his baby!) The poor thing needs a bath. I tried to wash him in the wash machine but that apparently isn't 'safe for babies!'
So, this is 'First Bennett'' and for the past two months, he goes everywhere with us. I'm pretty confident that Brady is going to be a great Daddy someday.

Well....except when he leaves him like this. The social worker in me wonders if this is something I needed to report. The mom in me wonders if I should be worried about his parenting style.

I wasn't sure if it was the best place to leave him but I wondered if he was just trying to keep him safe from harm! You know because earlier that day he had to rescue him from a baby who tried to eat his tiny little plastic feet. 

The same baby who almost started WWIII because he *gasp* TOUCHED his two favorite things.

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Julia said...

this is stinking adorable. Did I see on IG today that First Bennett is lost?? Will pray he turns up!!!!