Monday, February 18, 2013

Bennett {7 months}

(I am almost caught up, woohoo!)

Oh man. Oh man. OH MAN.

What a month.

Oh my sweet Benny boy.

Seven months. It's been a hard few weeks for you my sweet boy. You got sick this month and when I say sick, boy you got sick! You started out with a cold. I took you to the doctor and low and behold, a double ear infection. Then, you got RSV and the awful stomach bug. It broke my heart to see you sick but you were such a sweet boy through it all. I was SO happy once I started seeing the BIG smiles again!

You had a REALLY rough time leaving mommy. It's also very hard on me as well knowing you are having a rough time but I hope it gets better soon, leaving you while you're in tears practically kills me. I think it's partly because you haven't felt good but separation anxiety is a new thing for me since well, your brother is Mr. Social. You, my sweetie, you're a little more reserved I think but we'll see how that sweet personality of yours continues to blossom. Your laugh. Oh, your laugh. It's a gentle chuckle that is sure to make anyone smile.

See, you mustered smiles for Momma even when you felt so sick. The nurses at Urgent Care (and the ER) mentioned how happy and sweet you were.

Likes: Mommy, crawling all over the place, big brother's toys, grabbing things that Brady is playing with, nursing, mommy's phone, playing games like peek-a-boo and patty cake, his family, being near everyone, snuggles, kisses, trying to stand, toys you can hold, puffs/

Dislikes: Being separated from mommy, sleeping for more than 30 minutes or sleeping without mommy, going anywhere without mommy, having your nose wiped, anything other than milk, taking medicine, being alone in a room. You still don't like being put in your car seat but once you get in there, you're usually fine. I found it kinda ironic that you didn't cry during your last bloodwork but sucking your nose out was torturous. Screaming, kicking, crying! You surely didn't enjoy that!
Well. This month hasn't been a good one for eating. When you got sick, you coughed A LOT which led to lots of gagging and a few choking incidents. Not fun. Then after you got the stomach flu, you stopped eating all foods. You wanted to nurse but nothing else. It's actually been hard to get ANYTHING else in you. Not even puffs. You gag and turn beet red, even on solids. Luckily, you are slowly starting to eat again but we had to start giving you some purees again, which is fine as long as you are eating!

You are still nursing and I don't see it stopping anytime. It's pretty funny though when you're REALLY hungry you practically nose bomb into my chest. It's so very sweet when as you nurse, you rub your hand on my arm or my chest. I will say it's NOT very sweet that you decided to play squeeze mommy's other boob while your nursing and I end up screaming in pain. As I'm screaming, you give me this sly little smile. Stinker!

Sleep: You had just started sleeping a bit better at night and then you got sick and things went south. The separation anxiety didn't help either. I believe you would love to be connected at all times. I hope things get a bit better once you are feeling more like yourself.

 The last week of this month you have been a COMPLETELY different kid. You were happy at the sitters, still cried when I left but you even took a TWO hour nap there, which is amazing! You are full of smiles for everyone. It really amazed me so much that it makes me sad to know how bad you were really feeling. You were waking up after I put your to bed, 3-4 times before even 10 pm! You are finally sleeping through that again and hope to get things back on track!

You are such a ham. Your very silly and I see more of this part of your personality developing! You make the funniest little expressions and it makes me smile. You always, always light up when your brother walks by or tries to play with you. One of my favorite sounds you make is when you wake up and I come in the room to get you, this excited chuckle comes out of your mouth! It melts my heart every time to know how excited you get to see me.
Growth and Med stuff:
Oh, I have started calling you shortie because, well you are just so tiny! I feel like you've grown a lot this month and are starting to fit better into your 6-9 month clothes and you could fit into some 3-6 up until the end of the month.  6 month clothes are starting to get very tight on you and mommy retired the 6 month jammies too. Still in a size 3 diaper but I think we'll need to move up a size very soon. You seem so much longer to me lately but you are still very skinny with a little tiny belly and some ham hock thighs. I think your thighs are the ONLY big chunky spots and I love them. They (well, your entire body) is so very ticklish.

You had your follow up with the endocrinologist this month and it went well as you barely cried during bloodwork. I've found that distraction and a pretty nurse are key to this. You are such a little flirt! We did get a follow up saying your levels were back up again and we need to retest again soon to see if we need to up your meds which I think is expected with your massive growth the past two months! At the ER, you weighed a little over 16 pounds. Woot. Getting there buddy!

Pulling up to stand. YOu might be small but man, you surely are strong and determined.

First sickness.Not a fun first. Also first ER visit, not a fun one either.

Really started babbling more with the ba-ba and Da-Da! I think you are trying to say my name but it sounds more like a-ma. You only say it when you have woken up from a nap and want me or are hungry so either you name your milk or you are trying to say my name! I hope it's the latter!

Waved. Though, it was a few times but we'll see if it sticks!

I have to say, my little peanut, I held you SO much when you were sick and I looked down at you while you were peacefully sleeping and I just cannot believe how fast time is going. I feel like we just brought you home and here we are a few months shy of your first birthday. I really want to stop time and hold onto your a bit longer. I did tell Daddy that the only good part that came with the sicknesses was time was able to stop for a bit and I got to snuggle close all day with you. I was so glad you when you were better but I missed you more than ever when I went back to work. I just know how fast it goes and before you know it, you'll be potty training like your brother.

I love you to the moon and back. I love you to infinity and beyond and forever more.


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