Monday, November 14, 2011

Two is the new three.

You know those doors that say, "Emergency Exit only?

You know the ones that have 'alarms' on them or the sign on the door says so?

Guess whose kid decided it was a good idea to push that door open?

The funny thing is that I was right next to him but the naive mommy in me never thought he would try to do that! Ha, the two year old wins again.

That was fun.

I was then called, "Mean mommy!" because I made him get in the shopping cart so we could run away faster and hope that no one saw what just had transpired.

Another fun thing about two? Well, my child is currently in the phase where he must do everything himself and apparently that includes making his own being that running away from mommy is the most genius game ever and it's even more fun when he runs into the street and gives mommy a heart attack.

Not cool, Brady. Not cool.

Then, there is the whole, 'Oh crap, they can talk thing' and you have to watch every word. I dropped something the other day and luckily, the worst that came out of my mouth was 'OH CRAP!' which is unusal for this potty mouth. It's lovely to hear your child say, 'oh crap!' over and over but I guess it could be worse, rgiht?

As he learns new words, I get new names, like "Old Mommy' which he says with this half grin on his face.

I hear three is harder. I am not sure I will survive. Send help wine.

At least it is all worth it when I hear him say something funny or a new word that he says with the cutest inflection or the sweetest tone, even if it has an extra syllable.

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