Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Things I learned recently

  1. That my son thinks that all bugs are 'a beeeeeeeee!' He tells me about them everyday. He even 'chats' on the phone about them.
  2. Those 'bee's' or as I call them, Ants, have invaded our home and momma will attack!!
  3. That smashed cheerios can hide just about anywhere. (hmmm, no wonder we have ants!)
  4. Brady scrunches his nose when he laughs. Just like his momma.
  5. Letting a toddler run around in just his jammy top is OK.
  6. Picking said toddler up after he has filled the diaper is not OK. Unless you like to go to work covered in the aroma of 'au la poo'
  7. Blue crayons are still blue on the way out.
  8. The excitement and look in your child's eyes when he feels a sense of accomplishment never gets old.
  9. Actually, a clap and shouting, "yay!' should follow any completed task. No matter how small.
  10. A small task to us means the world to a child.
  11. Toys have minds of their own.
  12. For real. They might start randomly playing in the middle of the night and you might freak out that either your child climbed out of his bed or some crazy lunatic has broken into your home and decided to play with all your child's toys.
  13. For some reason, at 3:30 am, the latter sounds less crazy.
  14. That a night at Grandma's and a date night out, does a world of good for everyone!
  15. That as Brady grows, I find that there are more things I love about him and that age. I get sad to see him grow up but each stage just gets better!

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RoryBore said...

LOL...the crayon one. too funny. I couldn't figure out why my little man (then) had blue poo once...then I remembered: blueberries. The things they never tell ya