Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Add this to the list.

Add this to the list of things that I should never be allowed to do again.

I always cut Blake's hair (which is super easy because we just basically just shave it) and so I figured it would be no big deal to cut Brady's.

Insert loud buzzing noise.


For one thing, he's got a ton of hair, especially where it's thick in the middle where the cowlick trifecta lives and grows.  Add in some curls and you might be sitting there wondering why I would even think of cutting it myself. Ha, I am still wondering that myself!

 I started using the scissors but decided I was not getting any where so I used the clippers on the longest setting.  As the hair started falling the floor, I immediately knew I had made a huge mistake.

The funniest part about the whole thing is the kid just sat there still as a statue while I did it. The kid can't sit still for more than five seconds at a time but now i know that he can while his mom butchers his hair!

Just so you know, the pictures don't do the do' justice. I mean my MIL told me today she didn't like it one bit! (thanks, by the way!) It looks a lot longer than it really is!  I just might have to admit that I have had to fix a few stray long hairs that I missed the first time and that immediatly afterwards, I realized I missed a whole giant hunk which left him with a mini-mullet for a little while.

(I even whipped out some hair product to make it look better, which it actually did!)

Lesson learned. Momma is not cut out for cutting hair!

Good thing hair grows back and he's cute regardless!

(ps...as I wrote this post, I got the call my camera is ready! Yipeeeeeee!)


Lisa said...

You are a brave brave woman. It looks cute though!

Katie said...

He sure does look cute!!

Natalie said...

i think he looks adorable! :)