Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I'm currently loving...

Coconut milk. Man, I'm not a milk person AT ALL. Like, I detest it and this is actually good! Add it to a smoothie and you will be HOOKED!

 Pinterest. Um, yep. Addicted. I.CAN.NOT.STOP! Yes, it's that good. You can follow me here. I seriously have so many projects I want to do, this has added more and given me more motivation to do them!  I must also learn how to use my sewing machine...that might be a good place to start! Really though, it's fantastic. I've made several recipes from there already!

You have to be invited but leave me your email and I can send you one if you would like (not sure how many I have left but I will try!) but know you might never want to leave your computer again! Don't say I didn't warn you!

 This stuff is amazzzzzzing.  Satsuma Body Body from The Body Shop! I've always loved good smelling stuff but since I had awful morning sickness with Brady, smells are very hit or miss with me. I can't even use chapstick if it smells a teensy bit funky. This stuff smells so good I almost want to eat it. I have a thing for the scents with a hint of orange! Seriously, it's starting to become an addiction!

Chia seeds! 

I know, they look a little like nothing and to be honest, they don't taste like much but I am obsessed! They are super good for you, full of Omega 3, iron and calcium! I made some chia pudding (milk, agave and chia seeds!) and Brady even liked it! These little seeds can hold more than 12 times it's weight in water too!  

A sleeping baby. 

Teeth strike again.  Those damn canines are taking their time coming in since it has felt like sleeps been hit or miss for quite some time (and there have been lots of early mornings!) Well, last week, two of the four finally poked through! Yipee! I can't complain though, the kid goes down to sleep so easy now! Before you wish a night of crappy sleep on me, don't worry, I've earned my dues. I think we are still earning our dues since we had a night last week that reminded me of the old days where he wanted to party all night! 

There is nothing more sweet than a sleeping child though. Especially when it is your own!  

( Could summer look any better! :) 


It's here and we are all so excited! After a hard winter, bouts of crazy storms and a lot of rain, we were so ready to get out and enjoy the summer! I'm more excited about this summer than ever! I can't wait to take him swimming again and lots of trips to the park! Popsicles are good too :) 

 (I'm so behind on his 19 month post! I literally have taken almost 500 pictures since I got my camera back last week but sadly, it's not fixed. I'm still having the same damn issue! Boo, hoo!)


Sarah said...

have you tried coconut water? supposedly that's really good too! and ditto on the pinterest - holy hell, we need to start a support group or something.

Julia said...

boo to the camera being broken. Yay for Pinterest!! LOVE it.

Courtney said...

I too am totally addicted to Pinterest and I'm now following you!

Joline said...

I love coconut milk! I recently discovered it at Whole Foods and I really hate milk.

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