Monday, March 28, 2011

Mommy party with Nutella!

Apparently, I am one of few that had never tried Nutella.

I can  tell you I have a new obsession.

I eat it on toast.

I ate it on waffles.

I ate it on bananas.

I even ate it on strawberries. That one had to be my favorite. Hands down.

Actually, I just ate one...covered in Nutella

Ok, I lied. I just ate it off a spoon

A baby spoon.

Where have I been and WHY haven't I tried this before????? 

So, then I got selected to host a Nutella's Mommy Party and I was so excited!  I found out that I was NOT the only one who had not tried Nutella! We all got to try Nutella and were introduced to some fabulous new recipes! I even got to hand out gift bags!

I read the other day about how many kids do not get a good breakfast each day and now that I am a mom, I understand how important it is. Nutella is a quick and easy way to encourage kids to eat whole grains, like whole wheat toast, English muffins, toaster waffles and bagels. My kid is NOT a fan of bread and actually will eat it if it has Nutella on it (who wouldn't?)

I have to say, I was never (gasp) a big chocolate person until AFTER I had Brady and I am hooked!

If you want a coupon to get hooked yourself or get your next Nutella fix, you can go here for a coupon!
Thanks Nutella!


Sarah said...

YES. :)

Meredith said...

I love Nutella! It's awesome!

That said, I think your coupon link might be broken :(

Angie said...

I've never had it either! But now that I can't eat carbs I don't think it would be a good time for me to get addicted :)

Trisha said...

I have never tried it either. Where can you buy it?