Monday, March 28, 2011

17 months

Dear Brady,

Wow. Seventeen months? You can't certainly be almost 18 months old, can you?

You are certainly turning into a curious toddler these days. This is the look I get. Innocent and pure angelic. Oh, honey, you just really are so curious. Bubble bath and toilet paper in the bathroom floor, tasting kitty hair (decided that was yuck) and testing your limits!
We got to play outside many times and I keep saying, you would live out there if I would let you. It breaks my heart when we go 'bye-bye' and you cry because you thought we were going outside to play!  

 Some of your favorite things to do are playing with blocks. You stack them up and up and clap! You are so proud of your accomplishment, so very proud. You are getting good at stacking them too! I counted 8 or 9+!

You are still a big fan of books and bring the same ones to us. You back up, sit down in our laps and listen intently. Your favorites are Baby Einstein ABC, Count to Ten, Who Says Moo!, and a few others that all involve animals!!! 

You love to look at the window. Each time you hear the neighbors dog bark you say, 'oh no!"  You think it's funny to say, "ow' or 'yuck' You have this ongoing obsession with closing doors (with you behind them) and playing with anything with a lid (body wash, lotions, your bootie creams!) I have to keep them out of reach or you will play with them and rub them all over the place! 
You have had your fair share of boo-boo's this month but it's only because you are so active! You also know how to wind down as you love to sit on the couch with your milk and watch your 'show.' The biggest thing you have done lately is ask to go to bed. Mommy can hardly believe it but it is also the cutest and sweetest thing to watch. After you drink your milk, you run to your room and wait for me to put you into bed. I cover you up, say, "Good night, I love you and I can't wait to see you when you wake up!" You go right to sleep and it's amazing. I'm so proud of you! You are such a big boy! 
This month also brought your first fever! It only lasted a few hours and you acted like it didn't even bother you! Seeing you not feeling well makes mommy sad so I was glad you got better fast! 
We had a family trip to the zoo and you had so much fun! I can't wait to bring you back on a warmer day! 
You crack me up. You are such a ham. You can be so goofy and in the next turn be so sweet. You still love that cat and try to pet her, hug her and even pick her up. 
You have started picking up signs I taught you months ago. I haven't shown them to you in a few months and all of a sudden you signed, "milk please!" I about fell on the ground! You also sign more. It's pretty darn cute.  

 You have really started getting into pretend play. You melted my heart while you walked around our living room, 'talking' on your cell phone saying, 'Hi!" Then, the other day, I watched as you pushed your Little People school busing going, "Vroom!" It was the most amazing thing to watch you as you sat there and drove your bus but I soon realized that you are growing up into a little man. 

 Every time I see you smile, it makes the corners of my lips turn up. I can't help but smile and feel so full of life when  I am around you. I can't believe how big you are getting and all the new things you do each day.  Watching you learn is the most amazing thing and I know how proud you are but know I am even prouder of you. I look at you and I know I am so lucky to be your mom! 

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Trisha said...

Look at those dimples!!!! Simply adorable!