Friday, March 18, 2011

10 on a Friday

  1.  Things have been pretty much crazy lately. I took Brady to the doctor last week because he has this awful diaper rash again and had been pulling at his ear. Well, his ear was fine (just a little fluid in there) but he had eczema covered with that damn yeast diaper rash. We got two prescription cremes and I hope we are finally on our way to getting rid of this for good. It seems like he's had it for the past 8 months nonstop! 
  2. With a busy weekend ahead of us and the busy week we have had (and me and hubs both working late a few days this week) we decided to take today off and we'll be enjoying this beautiful weather at the ZOO! I'm pretty excited as we don't get to do family things like this often!
  3. I've got some big decisions to make pretty soon and between everything else going on in life, I kinda feel in dire need of a vacation. Like from reality. I'd like to hide in a bungalow with my little family and sip drinks with with strategically placed umbrellas. Who's in?
  4.  Toddler tantrums are no fun
  5. Cleaning up food that toddlers think is funny to throw is no fun.
  6. If you don't hear from me next week, I won the lottery and am sitting on a beach sipping Mai Tai's or some other drink with pretty garnishes. 
  7. Brady points to the potty and says, "poop.'' The kid has picked up on that but cannot seem to understand me when I tell him that the kitty's tale is NOT for pulling or that we do not throw our food on the floor. 
  8. On the same note, potty training is equivalent to my own personal nightmare. I most certainly do not look forward to that. 
  9.  My house is slowly becoming organized! It's a slow process and my basement looks like a garage sale threw up down there but that is a project we'll get to one day. You know you are a mom when you give up your dining room to turn it into a playroom. In the playrooms defense, the poor dining room was never used and is now home to Brady's favorite things. I'm hoping to have it finished somewhat before he's 10 but I'll post pic's when we get there. 
  10. I can't end with an odd number so I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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