Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The first year: Practicality

Don't be afraid to say that being a mom is hard because it is. Saying it is easy is a load of crock and no mom will believe you. Not even if you sound convincing!

Cover baby private parts at all times. Pee can go the distance and in anything that is near, including your mouth.

Take a lot of pictures. Seems kinda self-explanatory but with working full-time, I would forget to do this and sometimes I just chase him around with the camera. He grew so fast and changed so much, I'm glad I did!
Take a lot of videos.

It's okay for grandma to spoil even though some of the things they do make you cringe.

You're not a bad mom if you do not feel like being a mom is awesome all the time.

Keep extra supplies in your trunk you never know when there will be a poop disaster.

It's okay to leave the dishes in the sink.

Babies really do grow up so fast so try not to take a second for granted.

Really...blink and your child will be walking across the room!

Write down what your child is doing each month, on a scrap piece of paper, blog, something. You will forget little things before the next month and the first few months years are very hazy from lack of sleep.

Those first few months truly are about survival mode. Do what you can do get some sleep.

Stock up on saline, gas drops and wine. The latter is for mom, of course!

Don't be afraid to ask for help.

Get Dad involved.

Eating dog food, dirt, or even licking trees (yes, my child has done all 3) really won't hurt them. Unless that tree is covered in psychedelic shrooms.

Craigslist and ebay are gold mines for baby stuff.

Shopping consignment store and sales are awesome ways to save money on clothes that they get little wear
out of. No matter how cute a piece of clothing is, it might only get worn once. You'll feel much better after a giant blowout that the outfit didn't cost much!

Don't worry, you're not doing it wrong, and no, you will not scar your child for life.

Worrying is part of being a mom.

Somehow you find the energy to get through the day, no matter how little you slept the night before. Coffee helps.

Doing it the way you feel is right is always the right way no matter what other people tell you.

Be prepared for your life to never be the same again. No matter how much you try not to that little being that you carried for nine months and watch grow each day will change you in ways you never thought were possible.

Plus, you will not be able to remember what it was like before that baby came into your life!


Momma Wilson said...

I couldn't agree with you more! :)

Julia said...

so true!! Love them all.

Maria said...

A really great list Amy!!!