Wednesday, October 13, 2010

An apple a day....

Who would have thought that we would be apple picking in mid 80 degree weather? Well, it was hot, a miserable and lots of the apples were damaged from the heat but we still had a blast.

I love this kids curls. The heat made his hair go wild and the curls were flying

He wanted to run all over the orchard but this mom was a bit worried about him eating rotten fermented apples. A lot of the apples were damaged because of the heat so apple picking off the ground and climbing trees is more like what we did.

He had an absolute blast tasting all the apples.

We gave him his own apple but then he would want the one someone else was eating!
 Going in the for the attack! Watch out apples!

He's so funny, he had a ear of corn in his hand that he would not let go for the life of him. I think he was wondering how he could escape with it!

Such a sweet moment with his favorite aunt but he was trying to steal her apple!
I imagine this being Brady in a few years!
Poor kid was so hot! Partly due to the fact that this weather makes me crazy in the fact that I have no idea how in the heck to dress my child! It's cool in the am and HOT in the pm! Come on mother nature, it's FALL!

All in all, it was a sucess! I think this might be a new tradition, as long as it FEELS like fall!


Meredith said...

We have that same weather all fall here in the NW, and it is such a pain!

ADORABLE pictures!

Mary said...

I hear you about the weather. I'm sure you just wanted to dress Brady in fun fall clothes and maybe even a hat and it was almost 90 freaking degrees! He still looks adorable, though:)

Anonymous said...

baby curls are like the cutest thing in the world! That looks like such a fun tradition :)