Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Magical moment

This has been a rough week. Lots of meetings, two late nights, lots of missing my baby.

Tonight, I get home and he literally tries his hardest to RUN to me. Falls, realizes he can crawl faster.

I pick him up and he got he usual 'so excited to see momma' smile!

I was talking to Blake about something and he put his hand on my cheek basically to move it and gave me a big fat real kiss on the lips.

I'm still weak in the knees and man, did it make this week worth it.

That was one moment I will never forget.

Man. I love that kid.

Today couldn't get any better. I put in a request to work 80% of my time. That means I will get a day off each week, complete with pay cut of course but it is much needed around this house and will help with our ever growing child care issues.

It is looking hopeful that it will happen but I still do not have it confirmed/approved officially so any good vibes you can send my way would be so much appreciated.

Sometimes kids can do the smallest thing that can turn my day, my mood right side up!


Jennelle said...

How exciting, Amy! I hope it's approved so you can spend a whole extra day with little B each week!

Julia said...

so sweet! What a little man.

and I hope the 4 day work week happens for's freaking amazing and that one day off is totally worth the pay cut, I swear.

N. said...

That is so sweet, Amy.
I'm sending you good vibes. I really hope it works out for you and your family.

Lisa said...

Good vibes for you Amy! Even though I work that 5th day from home (or sometimes not ;)), I agree w/ PP - it really is amazing what that one day can do for your sanity. The extra time with Olivia means SO much to me.

And, Brady sounds like quite the little lover :). Too precious!

Sarah said...

awwww, so cute about the kiss! and i am jealous that you get to cut a day of work out of your week (if all goes well).

Katie said...

What a sweet little man! I hope you get that extra day off. Totally worth it!