Tuesday, September 28, 2010

11 months: One more month!

Dear Brady;

Oh buddy, I can't believe it but in a month you will have your FIRST birthday It's bittersweet for me. You're growing up so fast but you are doing so many new and amazing things! You've had an exciting 10th month, little man.
 You really took off this month--as in walking! You've taken steps here and there then a few weeks ago, you just kept going and going and going! Now, you basically walk everywhere. There is a lot of crashing but you just get up and try, try again! The look of accomplishment and determination in your eyes is priceless!

You said your first words. Cat and dog! Of course those were YOUR first words as any type of animal makes you grin from ear to ear!

You will try and repeat a lot of what we say to you. You say 'Dad' with an emphasis on the 'D' and you that 'T' in Cat!

You are so smart and learn things so quickly. You try to put mommy's shoes on her feet, brush you hair and give the sweetest kisses-real kisses complete with smacking! Those of course are my favorite!

You put that tongue out when you are trying hard to do something or to just be silly!
Your favorite thing to do is to play in the kitchen while mommy is cleaning or cooking dinner. You have your own special drawer full of fun spoons, containers. You love to open and close the cabinet doors and put stuff in the oven drawer.
I find some interesting stuff in silly places! A ball in your snack cup, blocks in my sock drawer and even shoes in the oven drawer!

 You play so hard and really are getting creative with it. You have learned that cars go back and forth and love to drive them all over the floor! You love the gumball machine and will put lots of fun stuff in there! You still love books and have really started enjoying listening to the stories. We still read Goodnight Moon every night and give kisses to the kitties!

A few of your favorite things right now are bubbles, mommy and daddy, eating (spaghetti, broccoli, pita bread, hummus and anything in the form of cheese are favorites,) dropping stuff out of your crib, gumball machine, your animal puzzle and bubble baths! You also LOVE to carry around BIG stuff (pillows, stuff animals and blankets) You walk around with them and just laugh!!

You raise you arm up in the air when we say, 'arms UP' or to show us how big you are! My favorite though is when you raise them up for me to pick you up.

You have turned into such a cuddle monster.  You lay with us in the mornings while you drink a bottle. You still rub my arm, your clothes or mine, or blankets when you are sleepy or drinking your bottle. You just started playing with your hair and you look so peaceful. You recently started just laying in my arms while you wake up after naps and it's part of my day I look forward to!
You are such a little ham. The expressions you make and the sounds that come out of you are truly priceless. You now have a confused look and lots of other silly faces. This just cracks me up.

You still growl and you 'bark' when you hear a dog or the cat meows. Your whole entire face lights up at the sight of any animal.

You like to get messy! You had your first smoothie--you loved it but how mommy made it? Now, that you did NOT care for! When mommy uses the blender or the food processor, i have to hold you and you lay your head on my shoulder. You know your safe and I love comforting you!

Now, the vacuum? You are not a big fan either!

Your curiosity is truly a blessed thing to watch. You find humor in the simple things and look so intently at the smallest details.

We love to watch you discover new things and you pick up on things so quickly!

You are always full of big dimply smiles. It is one of the thousands of things I love about you, your ability to always brighten someones day or to liven a room. Even the older people at the grocery store get a kick out of you and it is always what others say about you first (besides how handsome you are!) We love your sweet smile and love how it brightens OUR lives!

Sometimes I look at you and find you no longer look like a baby but a big boy and I can see who you'll be at 5 or 10. It used to make me sad to see you grow so fast and in a way it still does but I look forward to the future and all milestones and firsts that are to come!

Brady, you truly radiate sunshine into our lives! 
You have NO idea how the past year has changed us and how happy you have made us!
You are the LIGHT of our lives


Jennelle said...

Happy 11 months, Brady!

Mrs. Dirnberger said...

tear, tear...bittersweet is the only way to put it

Lisa said...

awww he is getting so big!

Stuff Parents Need said...

Can't believe it! I remember reading about when he was born (and even a bit before!)

Katie said...

Amy, this post is so sweet! Happy 11 months Brady!

Maria said...

Happy 11 months little Brady!!!