Friday, September 17, 2010

Little bitty bits of awesomeness

Brady is officially talking! On Saturday, he said loud and clear to me, "CAT'' after she walked past us! His tiny little voice melts my heart. It's so fascinating and amazing to me that my once tiny little baby is associating words with things!! He tries to repeat everything you say now. He also says 'duck, dog, dad' and I know there are a few other words he is trying to say. He almost has picked up on 'all done' when I sign it. I know I say this often but really cannot believe how fast he has grown! It's amazing how fast these little ones pick up on things!

Guess, I need to REALLY watch my mouth now, huh. No more sailor talk.

We had only a few nights where he woke up once or so but I think I can safely say that we are definitely on the road to officially sleeping through the NIGHT! It's been almost of month of nights where he has mostly STTN! Some might say, it's about damn time. Me? I call it a mere miracle!

I have said before that Brady has taken a few steps but this kid WALKED across the room last night! Of course, every form of media that could document  this momentous occasion had a dead battery! AHH! Alas, he walked. I didn't miss it and it's awesome!

 I had a moment though. A BIG teary moment. My baby is not quite such a baby anymore. {{sigh}}

How much they grow in just a few weeks.....

(running to make sure I charged the camera, video camera AND cell phone!)


Maria said...

Holy cow those are some big milestones!!! Way to go Brady!

Julia said...

dang, brady! way to go on ALL of it but mostly the sleeping part. Jealous. :)

Sarah said...

your son's got skills, yo.
congrats on all fronts!