Thursday, September 2, 2010

Good things. Good things.

  • I am afraid I'm going to jinx this but I have to shout it out from the damn rooftops, I am so excited over this you have no idea. If you read this blog, you know my kid is not the greatest sleeper. Let me say that out of the past 9 days, he has STTN for SEVEN of them!!! This is nothing short of miraculous as just a month or two ago we were going through the newborn stuff all over again. I hope that this means he is on his way to doing this for good but I cannot tell you how good it feels to actually sleep. I woke up this am feeling great! He might be ten months old and just now getting the whole sleep thing but it is a fabulous feeling. I just hope no more teeth decide to come out and ruin this awesome streak we have had.

  • I have something brewing and I could really use some good thoughts to make it work! I'll post soon hopefully with a tiny bit of good news!

  • Brady has been taking more and more steps each day. The past week, he has really taken off in this area. I think we'll see some walking soon!!!!

  • I will post the winner of the giveaway later today, if you want, you can still enter today before 5 pm!

  • I came the realization yesterday that his birthday is NEXT MONTH. I cannot believe it. I have a post coming soon for that. I am beyond excited of it and you have idea. I am though not excited that my baby boy is growing up so fast.

  • I haven't posted much about our new bike riding adventures. We have been pretty good about going at least 3x a week. Brady loves it. He sits in the trailer and sings. We try to get at least 8-10 miles in and sometimes he falls asleep. He especially loves when we pass dog walkers! Plus, we got a pretty good deal on one at Target on clearance.

  • I'm also getting excited about Halloween! Last year, we had JUST come home from the hospital. This year, we are going to get to dress up and I'm excited! Plus, I'm ready for cooler weather too :) and anything pumpkin.

  • I'm also already thinking about Christmas. I'm so excited for any holiday now and I'm pretty excited for this holiday season!!!

  • Brady is at the most perfect age. Except one thing. I mentioned in his 10 month post, he has started, well, throwing fits. Mostly, I find them funny and I ignore them but I am lucky to have a child that will hold his breath. He did it when he was a newborn and it was scary! Now, I just blow in his face and we move on. Let me tell you one shopping after 7 pm is not a good idea. He was so mad I took away the goat cheese that he did the breath holding and then let out the loudest scream ever. Now, I know what parents feel like when their kid does something like. I know it was because he was tired and getting close to bedtime but I can't help but laugh that he got so upset over a package of goat cheese. :) Only my kid.

  • Like I said, I am loving this age. He started to cuddle which he never would do. He constantly wants to go, go, go, but sometimes he'll take a second when I'm holding him to put his little head on my shoulder....and I love it. Besides that....he can follow one-step directions. I told him to give the kitties a kiss (in the book we were reading) and he did! Now, he does it when we read the book...and I just LOVE it. Ah. Love him.


Sarah said...

wow, amy. fingers crossed on the sleeping issue, that he continues to STTN! and also, i had to laugh out loud about the goat cheese incident. sounds like me and brady are on the same page when it comes to delicious cheeses ;)

if my child is not a cuddle monster, i don't know what i'll do with myself! cuddles are the best. especially with cute kiddos!

Katie said...

I'm so glad he's sleeping, which means you are too! Totally know what you mean about holding the breath...I have the same type of kid! The scream that comes out after the breath hold is astounding!

Mrs. Dirnberger said...

I can't wait to see what you need help with??? Can't leave us hangingl like that for a long weekend you know..hehe!
I am often planning Tucker's bday party in my head! So I am excited to see your ideas!

Lisa said...

YAY for STTN!!! Hope the trend continues!!

Maria said...

I can't wait for Christmas either. It's going to be so fun with Andy.