Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Good stuff/Not so good stuff

Good stuff:
Brady is awesome.

Parents as Teachers evaluated him last night, and he is awesome. No concerns, right on track for some things, and ahead for others. Like I said. My kid is awesome. They also asked me a few questions for a research study to look for early signs of Autism. He did really well so that was definitely reassuring. I won't lie and say that it doesn't concern me since I work with kids with Autism, and the rates are growing everyday. I am all for research so I hope that they are able to find out something with this study!

Started using Mylanta a few weeks ago and it is helping a bit! I have been giving it to him twice a day and his tummy seems better! Still puking, but we have less than a week till he is 6 months old, so hopefully, we start to see improvement!

He is off the charts with height and weight. He weighed 19.5, and 28 1/2 inches. This kid is 83% for weight, and 94% for height. I have a giant kid. I love his fat rolls, and again, he is awesome. This kid is taller than I was at 12 months. This kid loves his food. He laughs when he sees a bottle, or his spoon!

Not so good stuff:
Brady's eyes have been puffy, runny nose, stuffy nose, and coughing. I had a feeling what it was going to be and his dr. confirmed it yesterday. Allergies. I have the worst allergies so I expected it. She did say that they have been so much worse this year, and the plus side of having the same dr went to get my some inhaler/nose spray samples but they were all out. Pharmacies have been running out of this stuff! Allergies suck and it makes me sad to know he is going to suffer with them. Hopefully, because they are so bad this year, he won't have many issues down the road. He is too little for medicine right now, and we are keeping an eye on him for breathing issues (I have asthma too.)

This kid has gotten himself into the crawling position several times this week. YIKES! Operation baby proofing is beginning this weekend. I am excited for his new independence, but terrified of all the other stuff. His first boo boo. I can barely handle his shots, how will I handle his first owie. Being a mom is rough. lol

One word. Teething. Teething is my nemesis. Nightly wake ups. Crying spells. Teething=suckiness. I can see those top two suckers, and I want them to come out!

Awesomeness x 1 million:
He hold his arms up for me to pick him up. Whenever he does it, my heart bursts.
Best part of being a momma hands down.


Angie said...

aaw I am sorry that he's teething! Now I'm not looking forward to Nick getting his choppers. Yay for no autism!

Lisa said...

WOW, crawling position already?! He was just born! Make it stop!