Friday, April 16, 2010

A few of our favorite things....

I have started posts like this when he was younger, but before I could finish it, he would change his mind!!! I will one day write a post about our essentials/lifesavers as a refluxy newborn.

Books. This one is one of his favorite along with the fabric books too, but I hope he continues to like them!

He loves his food. lol. Specifically bananas. I like this brand, but do buy the Gerber Organics when they are on sale too. I have made a few things, but haven't had time to make everything. Avacados are super easy and he loves them!

Speaking of food, this is the formula we use.

It has Probiotics for his tummy! We tried every single other kind to help with the reflux, and while this one doesn't stay down long, it was our favorite. It's closer to breastmilk than the others I feel. Similac has one that is pretty good too, but we stayed with this one!

while we are still on the food topic, these are the bottles I have grown to love. We have the Born Free ones and I use those too, but these are my favorites. I actually bought one and ended up buying 10 more since. The reason I love them? They have a hole in the nipple on the side that prevents ANY air from getting in and preventing a lot of gas. They are pretty awesome, and cheap!
This kid loves this guy. He teaches about the body parts and ABCs. He gets the biggest smile on his face from this dog. Really, any dog. He loves Lily too!

this one has no explination. You know why I love it. lol.

This is one of those things I cannot live without. One of our favorites, hands down! If I let him, he would spend ALL day in here. He loves this thing. He stands up so tall in it and grabs everything. He knows how to push the button so that it will sing to him.

Another all time favorite is this one. Everything goes into this kids mouth. Everything! Now, that he is eating like a big boy in his high chair, this is my favorite thing in the world right now.

Baby Ganics Cleaner Upper-Toy and Highchair cleaner! Genius! No chemicals, or harsh smells, and safe for my little chunker!! I can clean his toys, his exersaucer, everything with it and not worry!

There you have it! Some of our favorite things!
Of course, you all know what MY favorite is..........
He is short, fat, mildy bald, and laughs a lot! :)


Mrs. B said...

Augustine has the puppy dog too! He really loves it. but it's freaky because it goes off without warning sometimes.

Mrs. Dirnberger said...

Thanks for the ideas...i need the green clean up cleaner for sure and the formula you use I have never tried?? I wonder if I should give it a try b/c we still throw up a lot here at the Dirnbergers:)

Mrs.Tron said...

Bella loves her little froggy that sings the abcs and body parts. It freaks me out sometimes b/c when I had it turned on it would talk randomly by itself.
We used Earths Best food alot but finally decided that I like Beechnut. I made a few things at home for her to eat also. Squash was really easy & so are sweet potatoes. I just popped them in the oven until cooked and blended them with a little water until the right consistency. Do you have those little freezer baby food trays? I found those really helpful b/c they had lids.

Haley Nicodemus said...

Loving your posts and seeing pictures of that cute little chubby baby of yours!

Where did you get that bagy ganics cleaner? I need some of that for sure!