Thursday, March 11, 2010

First of Firsts

I got some disheartening news today about my grandma, and we should expect another funeral soon. It's been expected, but still sucks. I pray that we do not have to attend another damn funeral for a long damn time.

So, to lighten the mood around here, I am going to exhibit excessive amounts of pictures of my chunk.

This is one of his favorite toys right now. It's a soft book, and he actually will look at it, but mostly it goes right into his fat little cheeks!

Apparently, book reading is exhausting. I left and came back to this. Adorable little sight. A bit frightening but adorable. Saturday was my birthday, so we indulged Brady in his first trip to the park. He had a blast. He rode in a swing for the first time and LOVED it. Each time he went in the air, he laughed. My heart smiled big for the few hours we were there. Quite therapeutic.

This park has a little zoo there and we had to get his picture here. (Notice the lovely bib he must tote around. Thanks, reflux for the lovely accessory)
He spent most of the time like this. Yummy hand. (Notice the scratches from his dagger like fingernails)

Exhausted. Parks are tiring.

The next are my favorites. You can see the dimple and his big blues.

Another first. Solids. His ped and GI both thought solids would help the reflux and it has. Not 100% but a bit better. We still have massive amounts of puke, but not all the time. If you are grossed out easily, do not read the next sentence but it was so bad that when he burps, the dog comes running. Then, when he doesn't spit up, she walks away disappointed. Gross. I know.
He loves sitting in his high chair. I have actually caught him watching TV in it. Sneaky little guy. We started with cereal but he is not a big fan of the rice, so we tried oatmeal. Eh. We tried mixing it with veggies and he says, "Yummy!" We have tried carrots, green beans, and apples. He favors the veggies over the fruits. Good boy!
Warning: The next picture depicts a baby with food on his mouth. Now, he is generally clean eater some of the time but this time he shoved his hand in the bowl when I walked away to try to grab it (like he does everything now) and decided he wanted to chew on his hand (another fav past time) . This was the end result.
First time I walked away and came back to a sleeping baby. (on his play mat)

Ok, and I had to put this out there. This was the ugliest, most pitiful creature ever. He was so fat he could barely walk and I swear his hissed at me (he kept showing me his teeth) so I had to take a picture.


LC said...

Awww...Amy, he is such a cutie! And um, who's piggy is that?

Sarah said...

i could definitely see how that smile, those dimples, and the gorgeous blue eyes could help your heart feel a little better. gosh he's a cutie.

Jennelle said...

Sorry about your grandma--I'm in a similar situation, but I don' think it will be super soon. :(

Brady is such a little cutie! I'm glad the diet changes are improving his reflux. That's got to be so hard on him AND you!

Mrs. Dirnberger said...

God love that smile!!! Brady is sooo dang handsome! don't you think God put Brady on this earth for your family so he could pull you through!!! I think God works in mysterious ways like that :)

Anonymous said...

So sorry about your grandma :( mine passed away last October and her funeral was on my due date, I was unable to travel for the service. Having that sweet baby to love gets you through anything, doesn't it?!

I love the food face picture, he is just so cute! And I'm going to try the swing for my guy next time I'm at the park, looks like fun!

Maria said...

Your little guy is so handsome Amy!!!

Stephanie said...

He's too cute!

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