Friday, March 26, 2010

5 months

Dear Brady,

I can't believe you are already 5 months old. I say that each month, though! You are almost half a year old! You have given Mommy and Daddy so much to look forward to, and given us so much to laugh about when we needed to most. You have been so much fun even though you do not care much for sleep! You continue to surprise us everyday with what you do, and you amaze us with your strong will!

You make the funniest expressions, and we think you get that from your mommy!

You laugh is infectious, and your smile warms our soul. You give Mommy and Daddy so much than you know.

Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING goes right into your mouth. Your fingers are your favorite and most accessible chew toy. The drool that comes out of your mouth surprises me!!

I told you everything goes into your mouth! You loves to roll side to side, and you have started to grab your feet. Mommy thinks it's the cutest thing ever. You also like to roll to your side to sleep, when you decide that you decide you want to sleep. Mommy can't wait for the day you sleep through the night (Hint, hint!!)

(Like father, like son, huh?)

You are so active. You can even sit up by yourself for a tiny bit of time. Mommy is already gathering a list of what needs to be baby proofed!

You have had an exciting month. Trips to the park. First swing rides. First taste of REAL food. You will have so many more firsts, and we are so excited to share them with you.

We have lots of nicknames for you. Brady Boo, Boo boo, chunk (sorry babe) poptart, buddy, bubby. I think we rarely call you by your name.

You are starting to really connect with others. You look at me so intently, like you are soaking it all in. You grab my face, and lean in like you are trying to kiss me. Instead, I get a face full of slobber as your try to suck my face. Mommy knows you are just giving her your version of a kiss.

You love your excersaucer. You laugh so hard, and stand so tall in it. You also started blowing raspberries, and each morning you wake me up with them, (and your sweet voice.) You also think it's pretty funny to do it when you are eating your cereal. Mommy does not.

You love to sing, and to scream! Your giggle makes mommy smile.
You are so sweet but yet so full of spirit, little one. We love you bubby.


Julia said...

Such a big baby boy with GORGEOUS eyes. I'm looking forward to the 5 month stage after this post!

Sarah said...

great post, amy, and fantastic pictures!

we rarely call our cats by their real names, either, and i think that will be the case for our children, too. :)

Meredith said...

What a fun stage!

Stephanie said...

So cute! What a great post!