Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Working hard for my money

First of all, I have to greatly apologize for the typos/spelling errors in my last post! Sleep deprivation can do silly things to you!

The first day back wasn't too bad. The hardest part of my day is saying good-bye to him. The 2nd day was harder because when I got home on Monday he was asleep. He woke up shortly to eat and went right back to sleep. He didn't even want to stay up for his bath, and that is my favorite time with him (and he loves it!) He just kicks, laughs and smiles the whole time, and really shows his adorable personality. I felt like I did not see him. Mornings are 'our' time and he was still kind of sleepy on Tuesday.

Last night, I got home and he was snoozing and I was thinking of waking him but left to grab a humidifier since he has been so stuffy. I came back and he was eating and he looked up at me and smiled! It surely brightened my day! He stayed awake to play a bit and splash in the tub. Then, it was bedtime and he woke up at 1:30 to eat. I now don't mind getting up with him because it's more time with him, and time that I appreciate. If anything, going back to work has made me appreciate him and cherish this time in his life just that much more, and hold him just that much closer.

This morning was great! I got him dressed, fed him and we just cuddled. I feel so much better today knowing that I got that time in. I don't think it will every be easy to leave him.

I am contemplating moving to Canada where they get a YEAR OF MATERNITY LEAVE????? Who is with me?

This is where I really feel we fall short as a society. We do not value parenting as we should. I have always felt that way, as those that work with kids. Teacher, social workers (coming from a fellow social worker who constantly feels under appreciated, underpaid and overworked.) It's sad that those that care for and shape the minds of the young are not given credit where it is due.

I really have a new appreciation for moms everywhere but mostly working moms. We really do work hard for our money.

We work hard to juggle our careers, our homes, and our children.

We work hard to not think about the time we are missing with our child, and the firsts that we might miss.

We work hard to not miss them every second.

We work hard to get through the long commute so we can get home in time for those smiles that make it all worth it.

So, for me, please give your child an extra little hug tonight, and never take any moment for granted!


Jennelle said...

I'm glad that it's gotten better since Monday, Amy! It's sweet that you two can spend special time together in the mornings. :)

Mrs. Dirnberger said...

I feel is my first day back!!! UGGHHH..its hard! Mornings were our time together too. Surely they wont forget about us having so much fun wihtout us.:)

Meredith said...

I so admire you for being a working mom! I think that's the hardest job (well two jobs really) in the world!

Katie said...

I'm so glad you are making the best of the situation Amy! I couldn't imagine ever getting used to going to work everyday, but I'm sure you guys will get into a nice cuddling routine soon enough!

PQ said...

france gets THREE years of leave.

Stuff Parents Need said...

Vive le France!

It will get easier, and then some days it will be impossibly hard.

We are probably going to get snow where I live tonight, and since I'm in the South, that will mean that everything will shut down. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for it to happen because I'd love a bonus day with my baby!

Mrs. Dirnberger said...

From mom to mom.....I was reading back on your blog and you mentioned using saline. I feel like Tucker is always stopped up and Brady? I use saline a lot and always trying to use the sucker to get the junk out. Just curious if Brady was this way? AND I know you mentioned him throwing up...Tucker throws up but I dont' think its as much as Brady but I worry he is throwing up too much. Thanks for your moms have to stay together

Mary said...

I really don't know how working moms do it all. I admire you ladies so much. As far as our society, I think that we put too much emphasis on work and success and not enough on family. I was shocked when I heard a statistic about how many vacation days people leave unused every year (can't remember it off the top of my head). I NEVER want to be that person.

Anonymous said...

There's a movement to radically change California government, by getting rid of career politicians and chopping their salaries in half. A group known as Citizens for California Reform wants to make the California legislature a part time time job, just like it was until 1966.

Maria said...

Very well said Amy! And I love Mary's comment too!

Anonymous said...

A YEAR of maternity leave!? That would be awesome, but I image it would be even harder to leave your child after having all that time.

I have no idea how working moms do it -- I can't even imagine the middle of the night feedings, missing your sweet baby, and still being focused enough to do your job. I imagine you do get through it all knowing you are doing the very best thing for your child.