Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Not a good first

Brady has been on Zantac for his reflux for about a week and a half, and the whole choking thing has gone away completely--but the spitting up has gotten worse. He literally pukes up everything he eats and it doesn't matter if is breast milk or formula. Both come spewing out like the exorcist. The other day a friend was over and she goes, 'huh, so THAT is what projectile vomiting is like."

The past few days have been pretty rough. Yesterday being the worst. He literally slept for a good two hours off and on the WHOLE day. He would finally fall asleep and then wake up crying. I held him in my arms just trying to comfort him. Let me tell you how much it sucks to see your child suffer and you have no idea what is wrong or how to make them feel better. You basically feel helpless and like you suck.

I had to bring him to the dr's office to get a rotovirus vaccination and while I was there I told the nurse that we have had a rough few days. My dr was out so she would let the dr covering know his symptoms. Well, she called me back on my way home to tell me to go to the ER.

So, today Brady has his first ER visit. I thought my first visit there would leave me to act like a blubbering mess but I handled it well. I think watching him being poked and prodded while in the NICU helped ease some of that. Well, the catheter wasn't easy to watch. Luckily, he wasn't dehydrated, and his electrolytes were normal. They looked at his umbilical hernia and it was okay too (sometimes pain/vomiting can be a sign that the hernia caused another issue)

Hopefully this was his first and last visit to the ER. They upped his Zantac and hopefully it helps!


Sarah said...

Aww, that is rough. And you might not know exactly what is wrong when your baby is crying, but the fact that you so desperately want to ease his hurt means you DON'T suck. Brady is one lucky kiddo to have such caring parents! Hope the medication's new dosage helps. Projectile baby puke doesn't sound fun at all!

Katie said...

I can't believe the things you are going through! These are completely different situations, but when Juan started spitting up a lot I started sitting him straight up to eat and changed the nipple (when he would have a bottle) to the fast flow. It completely helped. I can't imagine how bad it is. This will make things seem so easy when you guys don't have any issues. You are doing a great job momma!