Tuesday, December 22, 2009

File this under, 'hmmm....didn't expect that.'

So, things have been extremely busy around this household. Last night we had a moment that I really only can say, wow....didn't expect that at all. It was around 11 and I knew he pooped and I hated waking him. I put him on the changer on the pack and play and started cleaning him up. I dropped something and I stood up and it was then it happened.

Projectile poo.

Yes, i have heard of crazy things happening but I witnessed this atrocity with my very own eyes. I had his little legs in the air getting ready to put on the new diaper and before i knew it I had poo flung on me.

that is one moment I didn't expect quite yet.

I had my 6 week post partum check-up last week only to get there and realize my appointment was at 10 not 10:45. Oops. Major fail. No longer will I rely on my BRAIN to remember appointments.

So, note to self. Wear poncho during diaper changes and get a damn calandar already.


Sarah said...

you KNOW i love this post :) LOL at "projectile poo" (although i'm sorry it happened to you)

Lisa said...

Yikes...thats scary!!

Katie said...

I haven't experienced that, but it's kind of funny....sorry. I can just picture it. And welcome to Mommy brain with the appointment. I forget everything now.

Maria said...

OMG at the projectile poo!!!! I can't even imagine.