Thursday, December 3, 2009

More from a new mom

Nursing tanks=greatest invention ever. Esp since you don't have to worry about cup size....

Pack a little more than you think you would need when you are packing your back for the hospital. I didn't expect a c-section but thankfully I tend to pack one of those ppl that pack 10 days for a weekend trip! Other useful things from which other moms have told me are lanolin, breast pads, pads, prep h, receiving blankets, outfits for the new baby. Personally, I found that comfy clothes with a low waistband (esp for those with a c-section), a comfy robe, chapstick and ponytail holders were crucial!!

Baby socks never want to stay on....

Leaving the house takes more preperation than I am used to. I am one of those throw my hair up and go kind of girl but now it's a pack the diaper bag, change his diaper and make sure he is well fed kind of thing.

Lactation cookies might actually work. I made them last week and have noticed a difference. I had a few busy days and didn't eat them and noticed Brady wasn't happy after feedings, and I pumped on a day after I had been eating them like mad, and pumped way more than I normally do. Brewers yeast takes a bit of getting used to though.....and next time I am adding cinnamon, and raisins.

Sleepers are a pain in the ass when you are changing a hungry baby at 4 am

A wipe warmer is actually very useful. Brady hates having his diaper changed, and these help. I mean really who wants to wipe their butt with something ice cold?

Stock up on essentials before the baby comes (diapers, wipes, etc.) You and your hubby do NOT want to run out last minute when you are lacking sleep. I got a ton of diapers, wipers, and baby wash cheap during Kmart's double coupon days. I believe they are coming back in Jan. Also, Target is a great place to double a manufactures and target coupons. I got some good deals that way too! Also, get gas drops and saline drops. I bought this from Babiesrus and it has come in really handy.

Babies always know when you are getting ready to eat. Never fails.

Speaking of diapers, make sure you tighten those babies...or you might have a mess on your hands.

Speaking of mess, boys always AIM down. Enough said. Combine that with said loose diaper=big ol mess!

It's pretty sad when your dog sleeps better than you. She snores so loudly when I am up feeding the baby and I swear she does it on purpose. You might actually despise a dog when you are changing yourself, the baby and the sheets because of a diaper malfunction.

There are days when getting anything done is just impossible. Then you want to celebrate when you finally get the baby to sleep, only to miss him a little while later.

Pregnancy flies by and Maternity leave flies by even faster. Days slowly turn into weeks.....and before you know it you only have a handful left...and you find yourself counting them down. Sadly counting them down.

Enjoy every coo, every cry and every moment. They are only this little for so long. I remind myself this at those 4 am feedings.

and if you have anything else you wanna know, pipe on it. Ask away.


Katie said...

All great advice Amy. I'm so glad you are enjoying your time with Brady to the fullest! You will be able to sleep through the night soon!

Meredith said...

Boy do I EVER have questions!

-Where are your nursing tanks from? Are they really much better than a normal tank top with a shelf bra?

-Were you able to wear sweats/pjs after your c-section?

-In terms of diapers, would you suggest newborn sizes or mainly 1's?

I LOVED this post by the way....

Jennelle said...

I love reading your advice, Amy. :) I can't wait until we're ready to have kids!

Lisa said...

I don't know what other questions I have, but I LOVE these new mom posts.

Maria said...

Thank you so much for these posts!!!

I know once I start maternity leave I won't want it to end.

mrs.leah.maria said...

Don't you feel super smart and completely clueless at the same time lol?

Anonymous said...

Sleepers that zip are the greatest invention ever.

Angie said...

I also love this post! I mean who knew that having a baby involved SO much knowledge and THINGS. STUFF all this stuff you gotta have now for baby that I never knew about before. It's crazy! I love you sharing your knowledge, cause I'm gonna be there in 3 short months!