Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Newborn no longer.

Somehow in the past two weeks this little man has grown up. He no longer looks like a newborn but a little man. A little chunky baby. Not the tiny, helpless newborn he once was. He laughs, and he smiles so big it melts my heart. He is such a good little man, and I love watching him explore the world.

Brady had his 8 week visit yesterday and I will post his 2 month pic later this week but as much as I hated to put him on medications so soon we had to try out Zantac. He has some awful reflux and there have been a few times he choked on it that it scared the crap out of me and at the end of it were both were crying (like 20-30 seconds of choking.) He has been on it for 24 hours and no coughing/gagging/choking episodes yet. He also got his first set of shots, and it was painful for both of us.

He also has something called an umbilical hernia. Basically, his belly button looks like massive outtie when he cries or moves around. It generally goes back in or heals by itself by the time the child is a year old, but sometimes can take up to three. It looks kinda freaky and is pretty common from what I understand.

We officially have daycare figured out. We have family watching him 3 days a week (im hoping it works out) and a mom of a little girl the other days. Whew. I am kind of in denial that the day that I go back is approaching, i kind of try not to think about it.

Today, I had my 6 week post-partum visit with my ob that I had mommy brained on last week. found out some disheartening news that my risk of another hematoma if i have another c-section is pretty high. OH CRAP. Somehow that next baby needs to come out of my nether regions.

Anyway, I figured taking Brady wouldn't be a big deal. HA. I WAS. SO. WRONG.

He slept the entire time in the waiting room while some other new mom talked my head off. I got to my room and the nurse tells me to get neked. So, here I am in my lovely paper gown when he starts crying, and i smell a familiar stench. Oh, crap. Literally crap. He is screaming, and I figure the only way I can get him calm is to change him. So, i put him on the exam table only to find out that today of all days he decides to have his first blow-out. It was not good. Down his leg, up his back. (I am now cursing them damn shots) and luckily I was a good mommy who packed extra clothes. Um, yea, his shirt was damp (damn water bottle). So, i can't just let him sit in just a diaper or worse yet just a pair of pants unless i want social services knockin at my door or looked at like some lunatic. So, there I am neked, in a paper gown in all my glory with a damp smelly baby. At least it wasn't projectile huh? (by the way, he slept the REST of the day...he has great timing.....)

All your preggers sure you want that baby to come out? :)

oh, and i swear not all my stories will be poo related but i can't guarantee that many of them won't be! he he


Stephanie said...

I'm not a mom, but I've been where you are with my nephew! He lives with my parents (and me, when I lived there). While, he has some other medical problems, the reflux was the most "real." We truly dealt with it on a daily basis. He was on Pepcid twice a day and Zantac three times a day, and what a difference it made! He was so happy all the time, but if he didn't get his meds on time every day, you'd pay for it! He also had the herniated belly button. It freaked me out the first time, but, it does heal itself.

So glad you are doing well!

Sarah said...

holy crap, i had no idea babies could have reflux.
and i personally don't mind the poo stories :)

Angie said...

I'm with Sarah, we don't mind the poo! It's a big part of a babies life, don't worry about it. Sorry to hear about the hematoma, but glad to hear he's getting big and cuter by the day!

Anonymous said...

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Lorie said...

Ouch! The belly button sounds painful! Poor guy! And it is sad how fast the time passes. And it just gets worse as they get older. My first, he is now almost NINE!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hope his reflux is doing better!

Your 6 weeks check up story is hysterical, sorry, but it just is :) Babies have the best timing huh?!