Sunday, April 27, 2008

I am a rollercoaster of emotions....

I am getting married....THIS WEEK! I can't believe it! I seriously cannot believe how time flew. I am happy, excited, nervous, and just plain giddy all at the same time! It's bittersweet because i will miss all the wedding stuff.

I just know that our ceremony is going to be so emotional. Blake admitted to me finally (this is after a year and a half of him swearing up and down that he wouldn't) that he is worried about being able to contain his emotions. He told me that he got teary eyed when we were listening to the organist play! It's why i love him. All of you that know Blake, never doubted in your mind that he wasn't NOT going to cry, but he finally admitted it, and i think it's adorable. I just know that if i see him crying, I will loose it. Hopefully, not enough to loose my falsies (eyelashes that is) LOL!
OH! The limo company called to tell me that our limo bus broke! Yep! BUT---and i say this with utter excitement they are replacing it with this:

Well, not that exact one but you get the idea! I am stoked! We didn't get one before because i was trying to save us money and be cheap, so i am more than happy!
And i spoke with my florist, Rich West, who assured me that my peonies are fine and ready for my bouquet. (He warned me when i booked him that there was a chance that they might not be ready since it happened last year!) I highly recommend him to any brides-to-be!
By the way, please pray for me for NO RAIN. The forecast is very iffy right now. All i want is no rain from 3-7. Please. It can start at 7 or 730 but please don't rain. PLEASE! This is what says, let's pray it's right. Tomorrow i can get a five-day forcast but who knows, St. Louis weather is nutso!
FriMay 2
Scattered T-Storms

SatMay 3
Mostly Sunny

SunMay 4
Mostly Sunny


With all that has happened to me the last month, I am just so damn excited to walk down that aisle. I might just run....just kidding! I'm not really all that nervous, more excited more than anything! SO FREAKING Excited!

I love my blakey, and soon we are going to be married! WOW! It really is surrel! Next time I post, I will be a married woman!!!!!!


Julia said...

Yay! your time has come, my dear. Enjoy every second of it and come back bearing lots of pictures. I'm crossing my fingers with the weather.

Amanda said...

I can't believe your day is finally here! I can't wait to see the pics...its going to be beautiful! I'll keep my fingers crossed for no rain.

Trisha said...

Just reading this got me all excited FOR you!!!! It's your turn, how exciting!

You better believe, if there are any "crashers", I'm going to be right there with them!! :)

Best wishes to you. . .everything is going to turn out great.

Stephanie said...

Congrats! It's gonna be awesome and don't worry about rain, I'm sure everything will work out. You deserve it! And the trolley is freaking awesome! Have fun. Can't wait to see pictures!