Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Since i can't sleep......

I had my first shower March 8th at Villa Antonia Winery in Hillsboro, Missouri. It was a blast! I love my MOH/Future-Sis-In-law for setting it up for me! The wine was amazing! Now, I have to warn you, there was a lot of wine involved (which i still felt the after effects days later....)

Here a closeup of my darling cake!
The monogram matches my invites!
Some of the girls:

Me likey Crate and Barrel:

And me being Vanna:

Then, last weekend I had my hair and makeup trial with Danielle Erb and my Bachelorette party! I definetly felt that the next day!

Before Sake Bomb......

Some of us at the Drunken Fish. Let me warn you fellow brides-to-be....their motto for us is that before you walk down the aisle, you must stumble out of there! I was definetly close......

Our pimp limo....ha!

My momma...i think she had fun! She is almost 50! Doesn't she look good?

All in all, it was a blast! I love my girls for planning this...especially my MOH! Thanks sis!
My last fitting is tomorrow! WOwZa!

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Julia said...

Looks like a BLAST. And I love your hair.