Tuesday, April 15, 2008

There is a black cloud over me.....

When things get bad, they get worse, huh? I was driving to work this morning, down 270 like i do every morning. Suddenly, i see the truck behind me struggle to stop, and i knew it, i just knew he was going to him me. He did, but what i didn't expect was the second impact---by another car which was 1,000 times harder than the first.

So, it's 18 days before my wedding, and not only do i have hives but now i have whiplash. Both other cars were totalled, and one passenger in the last car had to be taken to the hospital. I luckily drove away. My neck was already starting to hurt, but i knew i had them take me in the ambulance it would be more trouble (and they'd take me to the worst hospital in stl)

The funny thing, and i am glad i am laughing about it (it could be the drugs...lol) but the paramedic who was looking at my neck asked me how old i was. I said, 26! no, wait, 28, i mean 29! Then, he goes, OK...then what day is it? Wednesday. (It's freaking Tuesday!!!) I am lucky they didn't take me away right then and there. Geez. Where did 26 come from? I just turned 29 in March!

Anyway, so i got to work, still ompletely shaken up, and out of it, my white shirt covered in coffee. My supervisor and everyone else basically made me go to the hospital. I have to tell you, that i actually had a great experience in an ER! I know....crazy. They took me right away, and x-rayed me neck and back. They were able to discharge me, and i was sent home! It was great!

This was the worst accident i've ever been in and it really got me shook up. I am thankful that i am okay, and while i might suffer for a few days, everyone was okay! I am getting married, and so excited for that. SO---what can i do...maybe walk around with a few hundred good luck charms, light a candle at church, or donate some money to poor, disadvantaged, crippled kids. I must need to do something, i need some good karma.


Nikki said...

Oh my god... I'm so glad you're ok! You poor thing. Car wrecks are the worst. They are such a PITA, so inconvenient, plus they freaking hurt!! I am so sorry. Thank God you are alright.
Things only have to get better, right? :)

Stephanie said...

Wow! That is so scary! I'm really glad you are okay. Like Nikki said, things can only get better now! You're getting married!

Julia said...

Yikes! I'm glad you are okay. Now get some rest already!