Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday Tidbits

I've been MIA from here for a while! I am trying to keep my head above water!

  • Blake started his new job today! WoOT! He was really nervous but excited! I hope it goes well for him! (and i can't wait for the paychecks to start rolling back in! lol)
  • The wedding is in 33 days. Yikes! I have had a shower, and a bachelorette party in the time since i haven't posted. I will have to post pics ASAP! Ooooh, and i have a shower this weekend!
  • I have become very crabby person lately. I don't know if it's the wedding, school, work or everything. I have stopped putting up with people's bs! We are grown-ups (though i hate to admit) so act like it!
  • I want another doggy, but Blake stands firm on saying NO Way! We watched my mom's Yorkie for a week and i feel in love! I am going to steal him back and then hide him from Blake. lol
  • we come! We finally booked our honeymoon! We are going to Riu in Ocho Rios! I am more than ecstatic since we didn't think we'd be able to go on one. I cannot wait. I just requested off today for work and that was a wonderful feeling. No more planning and more more school. Just me, my new hubby and the ocean! I am also excited about the in-room liquor dispensers.
  • Crap! I have two projects/papers due this weekend! I still need a PT to interview! Anyone know one?
  • I miss the sun. Where did it go? Seriously, i thought i saw it the other day. Which makes me worry about PEONIES! i know weird, but my florist warned me that last year they died because of a late freeze and well, it's not warm yet!
  • I am trying to figure out programs and for some reason they have me stressed. I could easily do simple, easy ones but no! My inner Martha says, "that is not acceptable." Stupid Martha!
  • Work is definetly gone to the crapper. I have no motivation for anything work or school related. That probably isn't good. There should be some kind of form that you can fill out that excuses you from anything during the last few weeks to your wedding. Actually, better yet, we should be allowed to take a year off to plan it and get paid! It was a good thought......
  • Congrats to my dear friend, Jaime! She found out today that she is having a girl! YAY!
  • One last thing for today, seriously? How did time fly so fast? 33 days and i will be married. it seemed like yesterday the ring was just put on my finger. Now, i know why all you married gals said to enjoy it while it lasts, because it's gone before you know it! The past 14 months have taught me a lot about life and those in it. It really has and in a way i am happy for all that (even the negative stuff) It really has been a long journey, and there were some really hard times. I am so happy though that in a few weeks, it will be all worth it!


Nicole said...

We are getting soooooooo close!

Seriously, the honeymoon is what keeps me going!

Jamaica here we come!!

Julia said...

You need a Physical Therapist to interview? about me? :)

Very exciting stuff, my friend. You are so close.

Stephanie said...

Well, at least I'm not the only busy one neglecting my blog! I completely understand and congrats on everything good and boo to everything bad. But, we have to take the bad with the good right? I'm sure things will get a little better once the wedding is here! Just think beaches...