Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Five {Bennett}

I'm totally behind again! I have a ton of posts coming, I think I'm finally getting caught up. Benny, I promise you I didn't forget you, life is just so busy with two kids, the holidays and working full time my dear!

Oh, Benny! Where did this month go? I swear, you were just born!

Five months, my boy. Time really needs to slow down but I say that every month but it seems to go by faster with time!
Likes: Grabbing things, I mean everything and everything, nursing, watching people, exersaucer, watching his Big bro, putting anything in your mouth, playing with your footsies, grabbing/holding your bottle when Daddy feeds you, being kissed and tickled, being held, playing peek-a-boo, laughing, going places, playing with toys, sitting in your highchair like a big boy and rolling around on the floor. 
Seriously. He loves his brother. Fascinated and enthralled by all that he does. 
Dislikes: Naps. Being left alone. Diaper changes. 

Sleep:  He's been taking epic naps for Daddy, as in 2-4 hour naps. With mommy on the weekends, not the greatest naps but better. Sleep at night has had some good stretches but a few rough nights here and there. I would say there is definitely room for improvement but I'll take what I can get at this point. You are moving more and more into a set schedule for naps and I'm sure the holidays will mess all that up! You are sleeping in your OWN bed for naps though which is huge, go Benny! You have also started sleeping on your belly and I think to be honest that is the biggest thing in why you're sleeping so much better at naptime!

Yummies: Still nursing. Drinks about 2-3 bottles while I'm at work and when I'm home nurses every 3-4 hours. Overnight, he tends to eat before bed around 7-8 and has been waking again around 10-11 (which wasn't happening when I was on leave, sigh) and sleeps till 2-3 and then again when I get up to get ready for work between 5-6. Not ideal but it's working for now and at this point with Brady, I was obsessed with getting him to STTN (well, and his sleep was WAY worse at this point!) but we'll get there. 
Growth: Still tiny. Sigh. I was thinking he was between 14-15 pounds but we'll see at his six month visit. He wears anywhere from 3-6 to 6 (some 6-9 too) month clothes and size 2-3 diapers. He's got some chunky thighs and what we call man boobs! Sorry, Ben. 

Nicknames: We have so many names for you! Bennett, Benny, Boo-Boo, Boo-Bear, Bubba, bubba bear, Ben. Sometimes, we get crazy and combine them and call you Benny Boo-boo bear! 

I'm not sure if you've done this or we are just noticing but you respond to your name when we call you!

You scoot! You generally only go from one small area to another but you get there. You'll reach for a toy if you drop it. 

Tripoding. Not sturdy but you're able to sit supported between 1-30 seconds. Your brother thinks it's pretty funny when you face plant. You are getting better at sitting but not yet mastered it without falling after a while. 

Bathtime is more fun for you! You've started loving bathtime, kicking and laughing. You love to splash now too. 

Raising your arms: You sometimes will lift your arms up when you see me, like, 'hey! Pick me up!' It's super cute. 

What I call the banging stage. You take toys and bang them on the high chair, the floor, exercauser, you name t. Your hands too. You really get into playing boy!

Rocking on you hands and knees! Oh, boy. I told you I wasn't ready for this. 

Oh, sweet boy, I have to say, it's been a good month! You've seem to have really grown up and are such a sweet, happy boy. I love you to pieces!

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Carrie said...

Oh-so-cute! Love all the pictures.