Tuesday, June 5, 2012

This and that

1. Holy crap. I can now say I 'm due this month, like which is really soon!

2. Still job hunting here. He had one job that we thought would work out but too much didn't work out. Plus, he was told he was expected to only take off a day or two for the baby's birth. I have faith but being I'm less than a few weeks away from my due date, it's kinda scary! We have a fantastic support team so I'm thankful for that and have to remind myself of that when I start to freak out or get upset I have to put some things on hold (like family photos!)

3. My big boy is growing up. The past few nights, he has asked me to close his door at bedtime. He used to give me hugs and kisses and remind me to 'keep the door open!' but alas, no more. Sigh.

4. I'm officially a crabby pregnant lady (if you couldn't tell by my last post!) My hips and pubic bone hurt so bad, some days I can barely walk. I'm tired of pepole asking me when my last day at work is or whatever the question of the day is. I most definitely was not this cranky towards the end with Brady. It's hard because I really want to enjoy these last moments of pregnancy as I never know it could be my last!

5. In the same tone, I'm excited to have another little boy. People ask, "do you know what you're having?'' and many times I get, "oh, at least you have everything you need,'' or "you can try for a girl next time!" What? That drives me crazy. I have always pictured myself with boys and am beyond blessed to have another. It literally brings me to tears to picture my boys together and I just can't wait.

6. I have an appointment and an ultrasound this Friday. I can't wait to see him again because at our anatomy scan(s) we didn't get a single good shot of him so I hope we can get a good glimpse. I'm curious to see his 'estimated' size as well even though I know they can be off. At least it was off for Brady but I think it's more so because he was long with long arms/legs.

7. I'm so done with work, it's not funny. I think the past few days, I've basically checked out which is SO unlike me but I'm ready to be at home with my boys for the summer, which can I tell you how excited I am for that? I just hope it won't be like last time and we can enjoy ourselves!!!

8. My dear son asked me this morning who cut off my pee pee. Yep.

9. I thought the 'curious' age wasn't till much later? I swear he asks me 'Why' or "What is that' or "What do we call that' or "What's that for?' at least 100 times a day. It's cute though because you can tell he's just curious.

10. I know they go in phases but last month, I thought I was going to have a serious monster on my hands soon but the past few weeks, he has turned into a well-behaved, sweet little boy. I hope I didn't jinx myself but I love it. I love hearing him say, "I just love you! I LOVE YOU!" over and over. You would think it gets old but it NEVER does. It always feels like the first time I hear it.

Oh and I just can't wait to hold my squishy baby!!!!!!

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LC said...

You are so sooo close, mama! So exciting! I have a feeling that I'll have all boys too and I'm totally fine with that. Of course, I'd like to have the experience of a girl too but the thought of brothers together is just so exciting!