Friday, June 8, 2012

38 weeks: Frustration

My appointment had some highs and lows this week and I'm left a bit frustrated.

High? Um, seeing my baby boy. Though, it did leave us questionable whose kid he was as though he slightly resembled Brady, he looked a lot like he came from another family. It's not the best time for an ultrasound at this point and he is super squished in there so maybe that has something to do with it so I'm curious to see what he looks like once he is here! The more I look at Brady's newborn pictures though, I see more of a resemblance.

He had the hiccups most of the time and would not move those hands away from his face for most of the ultrasound. He is all snuggled up in there and oh man. Love. 

He's got some squishy cheeks though and I just wanna kiss them! He is estimated about 7 pounds and I've technically got 2 weeks left according to my OB's due date (which I know is either 4-6 days off if you go by conception date.) and she will let me go the last week in June (which I'm praying does not happen because I might lose it) to try to get this baby out without a c-section.

The bad stuff: My BP was up, which I never had an issue with Brady. She wasn't so concerned that I won't be back before next Weds but if it continues to go up, another c-section it will be. I wasn't spilling protein and everything else is looking good but I'm frustrated after that having a much easier pregnancy with less issues (gained less weight, swelled way less and have no fluid issues like I did with Brady!) that my BP will a big factor here. I wasn't any further dilated either but he was more engaged so at least something is going on and explains why walking is no fun.

I have debated this back and forth but after the BP debacle, she felt it was better for me to start my maternity leave now. I'm excited to spend some time with Brady and Blake before he comes and our world gets a bit crazy but I really hope he doesn't make us wait a while to meet him.

So.... frustrated. That is where this momma is right now and I think I'll drown myself in some Rocky Road since wine isn't an option.

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Julia said...

I feel you on the BP issues---of course as long as your labs and urine are fine, I'm sure it's just the stress of the pregnancy and not anything to really truly worry about. Hang in there, lady! You are at the end no matter what!!