Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bennett's First Days

 Amazing. Exhausting.

That is how I can describe it the 2nd go around.

Let me start by saying, I know we are not even a week in and that I'm afraid I'm going to jinx it but it's amazing how different it is this time around. I think part of it has to do with the fact that I've done this before with a very colicky, fussy baby and due to the fact that I was able to get my VBAC. At this point with Brady, we had just come home. I was sore, I was pale, had no appetite and struggled to do much of anything. Add in a baby who cried a lot and struggled to feed.

I have more energy. I did laundry the 2nd day I came home! The baby blues are almost nonexisitant and it might be because I'm still on a high from his birth so I'm waiting for a big ugly cry, ha! Really though, I am just over the moon!

Bennett is just amazing. He sleeps well, he nurses well and he's just perfect. We had a  few rough moments in terms of nursing but since then we have been back on track! He is a bit jaundiced so we are monitoring him for that and he also has something called, hypospadias. Basically, the opening of the urethra is on the underside rather than middle so we have an appointment in two weeks with a Urologist to have a very minor procedure done to fix it. It sprays a bit different and I learned that today when he peed all over me!

I joke about how different they boys are because Brady, well, he just never liked to sleep and nursing was a struggle. They are right when they say you love both kids equally but differently. I never really understood how you could until now. It's amazing to see them together too.

Brady is doing far better than I'd ever imagine. He's not jealous or anything yet and loves this baby as much as we do. He calls him, "my baby!'' and seeing him with his brother melts my heart. It's nothing short of perfect. He'll get up and say, "I wanna give him a kiss!' or "I want to touch him!'' He'll just come up and give him a kiss for no reason.

Ask Brady what the baby eats and he'll tell you, "Nipples!'' You gotta love that kid! Now for lots of pictures!

I'm telling you, most kissable, squishy lips!

Long wrinkly fingers. He has the longest toes I've ever seen too.
He's almost a split image of Brady here.

That's about sums it up for his first few days home. Happiness, sleepy and overjoyed. 


Momma Wilson said...

congrats momma, both of your boys are just precious! glad is all going well:)

Susan said...

So glad everything is going smoothly!! That nipples comment had me LOLing!!

Julia said...

I just love those cheeks. So glad all is well so far. I'd say week #3 has been the hardest so far, since Cece finally woke up on her two week birthday to really show us her personality. Enjoy these sleepy/relaxed days! Who knows--maybe he will stay super easy!!

Mary said...

I just love looking at pictures of Bennett-he is just a gorgeous newborn. I'm glad that this go-around is going well for you-you deserve it after the rough few years you all have had. Keep the pictures of those sweet little guys coming!

kyna... said...

Congrats again, and I am so glad Bennett seems to be an easier baby than Brady was. You know I was in the same boat with Ellie, and EVERYONE tells me baby #2 will be totally different, but I am still scared to death! lol!
♥ Kyna