Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The truth about babies: Part 1 of 5000

A seven month old will eat just about anything, including coupons, keys, wallet, toes, and computer cords but then refuses to eat things that are actually edible.

Baby's who eat coupons do not scan.

Cuddling a sleepy baby never gets old!

The second your turn your back, he gets into something he shouldn't be.

The coffee table will turn into a nice accessory to your blocked off dining room as a certain seven month old like to crawl underneath it only to hit his head underneath it. Over. Over. and over again!
How do I put this one? Ok, I'll just say it....boys really start grabbing themselves at a VERY early age.

Dogs learn that food and baby's are a good combination very quick.

Real tears suck. Real tears should not be allowed.

A 7 month old baby is way smarter than you think, and learn to play grandma at a very early age.

When you hand your baby to someone else and they cry, you secretly love that he wants to come back to you.

When baby gets older, you'll have more time. HA! Right. I can barely find time to pee because the second I walk away, he has the cats tail in his mouth.

The term, sleeping like a baby? Doesn't exist. Babies sleep just like anyone else in this world, just in odd increments.

The worrying never stops after they come out and grow. (Especially when they don't just lay there anymore and exlpore the world!)

You may not agree with what every mom does but she is not raising your child, and you must respect that.

What works for your baby, does not indeed work for every baby. Remember that.

You can't wait for the day for your baby to sleep through the night but the moment he does you miss your nightly cuddle sessions.

Your house looks like a daycare. No matter how much you try to prevent it, it is inevitable.

A mobile baby is as scary as you think it is.

Those big eyes, and big dimply smile is the thing you look forward to each morning and everyday after work.

Baby giggles heal the soul.

Those things that other parents told your before you had kids? Each day you find another one was indeed right.

One of those things they tell you is that 'you will never know a love like your own child's.'

and that is the truest of them all.


Mrs. Dirnberger said...

I always enjoy these!!! Thanks for your commment...I like how we raise our kids the same. We have that laid back, dont stress too much affect and our boys will benefit from that. They will not be the uptight kid on the playground:)

I just want to say..I have NEVER read a book to raise my kid. You are totally right with that, what do books know..who has time for a book anyways right??

katherinemary said...

All of those are so true! And I find it hilarious that Chad CRACKS UP every time I wash his parts in the bath tub with the washcloth. lol. Boys.

Maria said...

"Babies who eat coupons do not scan."-- favorite line from your post. :)

Mrs. Dirnberger said...

OMG..How did I miss the BIG WIN!!!! I have never won anything all :) Happy Happy Happy :)))))))

Oh and about your post, thanks for being soooo supportive ::))

And I only feed Tucker once. Dinner at 6:30-7 and bottle right before 8. He is then down for the night and doesn't eat until daycare in the morning at 8. I broke the midmorning/night bottle at 4 months and he never cared. I guess he is a good baby??