Thursday, June 24, 2010

Me+hernia+teething baby= pure CHAOS

Looks as if I am having surgery for that hernia. and SOON! Tuesday to be precise. Yes, less than a freaking week away (which is bad since I do have a child but good in the sense I can't over think the procedure and freak myself out) The surgeon was great and explained how the way he does the surgery makes it less likely to return and getting pregnant again (in the future) should not be an issue. He also confirmed it's an incisional hernia.

Basically, he takes a piece of mesh to cover the hole in the wall of the stomach, and staples it. Then, he sews six stitches to surrounding muscles so that if i cough, or sneeze and pop a staple, it is not going to cause the mesh to move. This is good and bad.

Good: He said that the first 2-3 weeks, i can lift up to 9 pounds. After that if it doesn't hurt to lift Brady then i should be ok to do so. I just hope I recover fast! It is all done laproscopically so that means faster recovery hopefully! Most of the people who have had a hernia repair said that they felt better after the first week, and almost new after the 2nd!

Bad: He wants me to take at least 2 weeks off work. Saving time for my next in the sometime near future baby=FAIL. Plus, this is the BUSIEST time of the year. I might be working from my bedside if I can!

I am a bit freaked out by the whole going under part of the surgery and am trying not to focus on that and trying to remain positive but when I got the call that it has been scheduled, I'll be honest, I had a mini breakdown. The reality hit me and it hit me hard. I know it is a common surgery, and a short recovery in the grand scheme of things but it's not going to be easy. I am spending the weekend prepping meals, cleaning, doing laundry, and of course snuggling my chunk to pieces.

He's had a rough week (me too!) We stepped into mommy separation anxiety territory and it isn't pretty. He's fine if I'm not in sight (like with the people who watch him during the day) but the moment he sees me and I leave him, he screams like he is on fire. Putting him down for naps and bed has turned into a full blown-out fight. He screams and cries real tears which he NEVER does. Talk about killing me slowly. My heart felt like it was on fire!

Then, this morning, I found a TOOTH! Ah, makes total sense. I just hope that next week will not scar him for life, ha! I know this is just a phase and it's hard to not love being the one he wants. Finding time to pee lately seems like a vacation (but not really since he is in the hallway waiting for me!)

So, next week will be interesting to say the least (we are keeping the same schedule during the day for the ppl that watch him more for him to have some consistency.) I figured that this downtime will give me a time to relax, get caught up on sleep, and get things done that I normally wouldn't have the time to do or wanted to get done since Brady was born. I barely have time to sit down for 15 minutes so this will be a HUGE change for me!

Expect a lot of blog posts! :)


Lisa said...

Yep, sounds like chaos to me :). But, it sounds like you have a good plan in place and I think surgery like this is something that's best taken care of ASAP - there's never going to be a good time. Speaking of which, Josh is having surgery on his hernia in 3 weeks... Not looking forward to having no help for a bit either.

Jennelle said...

I agree with Lisa, it's good that you're taking care of this right away. Wouldn't want it to get worse! I'll be sending prayers for a speedy recovery.

Sassy said...

Aw, Amy, I'm sorry you have to go through all of this. Hopefully things will heal very quickly and the next three weeks will fly by. I'll be thinking about you!

LC said...

Hey Amy! Sending you good vibes. My grandma is actually having hernia surgery as I type this! You are going to be just fine and it is so great that you are getting this out of the way now. I'm sending good vibes for you and your teething babe.

Maria said...

Like others have said, it's good that you are getting this taken care of now. I totally understand your anxiety about having surgery and going under. It sounds like you have a great doctor though, and everything will go great. I will say a little prayer for you!

Mrs. Dirnberger said...

I will be thinking of you next Tuesday. Praying for fast recovery and I hope the surgery goes well.
Seperation anxiety is crazy isnt' it....its sooo hard to get ready in the morning when something is connected to your leg??
We are on tooth number 5 so prepare yourself. Lots of cried out nights

Mary said...

Amy, I just feel for ya', girl. It seems like it's been one thing after another with you and it's totally unfair. You must be saving up a lot of good will credits that will hopefully be returned to you 10x in the near future. I'm going to focus on the positive and say that it will be awesome to get this fixed now and you will hopefully feel like a new lady. I'll be thinking about you.

d.a.r. said...

Good luck with the surgery!!

Anonymous said...

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