Thursday, June 3, 2010

Random it is!

I just realized in this chaos of a week that I have not posted much but it is hard when you have a 7 month old that is ALL over the place. Scooting, pulling up, and just a busy bee.

I saw this hat and I think we need it. I mean how cute is that? perfect!

Speaking of the alphabet, I am kind of revamping his room right now. He outgrew the changing table and are bringing in a dresser this weekend. I even organized his closet, and I just love organization. Pictures to come soon!

The tie shirt was an etsy purchase....I need to stay away! I had originally planned on having someone local make one but then I saw this and fell in love! Stitches By Rachel. It was perfect!!! You have to see the vests she makes. They are too cute for words!

This past weekend, we damaged our checking account and finally bought convertible car seats. The kid outgrew the infant seat! We also bought this when we were there, and I can thank it for saving my child's noggin.
By the way, it is huge. I love it too because puke just wipes right up! :) and wild bouncy baby's just literally bounce on it! :)
Oh, and I'm probably going to jinx myself but GUESS who slept nine hours last night? Woot!
Stay tuned, I have a few giveaways coming up! double woot!


Jennelle said...

That hat and shirt are just too cute, Amy!

Emily said...

I think that hat is awesome! Of course you need it. =-)

Mary said...

I was waiting for the puke reference and you did not let me down:) I absolutely LOVE that picture of Brady. Please buy that hat and post pictures of Brady wearing it.

Maria said...

You HAVE to get that hat. It's too perfect!!! And I love that tie onesie too. :)