Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I feel like I ate a horse (25 weeks!)

The past few days have given me a lot to think about. Friday, I had an appt with my OB. I got to hear his lovely heartbeat, which at the time he had the hiccups. It was the sweetest, and most adorable sound!!! Then, she said what every pregnant lady does not want to hear.

You are measuring big.....

I was so shocked I didn't ask how far ahead I measuring. If at my next appt (Aug 12) I am still measuring ginormous, she'll do an ultrasound to check growth. I am hoping he isn't a horse of a baby.....or that it means I have gestational diabetes (which is a concern to me since my mom had it with me and my brother!) I have the lab work for the test, and while I am so excited to do it (note: that is total and utter sarcasm), I have to find time when I can sit there for an hour to wait. All of this could mean lots of things--his position, level of amniotic fluid or he is just a ginormous baby. Also, I have a short torso so there really isn't really much room for him in the first place. I am starting to get uncomfortable at times--like I feel like a stuffed turkey. There is no room in this belly (yet he has 3 more months to cook, yikes!!)

Let me tell you this. I call Blake to tell him about the appt, and I of course, am worried (thank you internets for that) and his response? 'ha ha, 12 pound baby.' Flashes of birthing a toddler come to my already freaked out mind....

I swear. This kid is coming early. Either because he is big or he wants to get the hell out. I just know it! So, all of this has put me into--HOLY CRAP! I NEED TO GET SO MUCH DONE--mode.

I have searched a few local stores for fabric and I've come up empty handed. Any ideas on online fabric stores or etsy vendors you recommend??? I have the furniture picked out, I just need to get it! My goal for August is to have this room done or at least close to!

Now for the more exciting stuff....last night, I was on the couch and I felt a stabbing pain in my ribs like I have felt much to often lately. I told Blake to come over here and he felt him kicking! Amazing!!!

Today, I got an unexpected phone call. A job interview. It's within the same 'company' but a different agency which means that all my sick/vacation time I'm saving for maternity leave would transfer. Plus, it's more money, and less than 5 minutes from my house! I am utterly nervous because I haven't interviewed in almost 3 years, and I am content at my current job. It's just the drive that i hate! I have been living in flip flops so these fat sausages need to be squeezed into something a bit more professional....yikes!

Like I said, a lot of ponder.

Also, the whole...'omg, I really am having a baby' thing keeps coming to mind. I know, i know, I've been pregnant for 25 weeks, I should know this by now. The growing belly and constant movement have made it all that more real. It's not like I forget I'm pregnant (well, that is hard to do, lol) but I don't think it will be all that real until I am pushing him out!


Amber said...

You are so funny! Even if you do have a "horse" of a baby I'm sure it will still be the cutest thing you've ever laid eyes on! Don't worry, me and my siblings all had big heads and my mom STILL reminds of that 25 years later! :)

Mrs. Dirnberger said...

I think we are living the EXACT same life. So I feel like a horse all the time...I go to the dr tomorrow and I am going to guess he says I am measuring HUGE b/c I feel so dang big. Also I have a job interview tomorrow. I am not giving my hopes up yet b/c it would be an awesome job.

ONe question: Some days this little boy moves a lot and then someday i freak out b/c I dont remember feelig him move hardly at you get this? I am a little freaked out over small things too.hehehe

Anonymous said...

You don't look big to me, you look fantastic! I have to take the diabetes test next week, ugh, I'm not looking forward to drinking that goo.

We're moving in 4 weeks, and so far I have absolutely nothing ready for baby, a few clothes and a pack a diapers, but no bed, no stroller, no car seat . . . and only 14 weeks to go. I'm freaking about not having anything yet! :o

Sarah said...

amy, i'm sure everything will work out with baby b. but just know that for the rest of his life, you can always tease him about being a big baby :)

i have been on the hunt for fabric, too, and have found several awesome online places:

sorry for the long comment!

Bethwyn said...

Fabric Worm is a fabric store on etsy that I like They have a pretty big range.

These two are quite good as well, but everyone seems to have the same stock right now anyway.

Julia said...

Very exciting! And actually, I think measuring big is better than measuring too small, right? :)

I love all fabric by Amy Butler. She is online and probably in stores, too. Good luck!

Karen - Lucky Me said...

good luck with your interview!