Thursday, July 9, 2009

23 weeks down, 17 to go?

I had to lol at the title because thoughts of when this baby will actually come keep coming to our minds. I have a huge fear (and part of it is because of the nature of my job) that he will be born early. I keep thinking he'll be a Halloween baby but who knows, he might end up being a turkey baby! (Let's hope not because no one likes overcooked turkey!)

His kicks are coming more and more often and he seems to be more active. I love feeling him kick!(and he is kicking me as I write this!) It's a cross between the bestest ice cream you ever tasted and magic. :) I hope that Blake will get to feel him soon (if at all because i have an anterior placenta sometimes you can't feel them on the outside....) so he can experience this too! It might be the best part of this whole pregnancy thing! (well, besides the sweet baby at the end!)

I think that it has all become more and more real lately, and Blake is getting more excited about his baby boy. I know at first he was terrified and I know part of him still is but I think he will be the greatest dad ever!

The past week has brought on weird things, and so many emotions. I have found myself more and more sappy/weepy about everything (and don't forget the crabbiness, lol!) We took Lily to get her nails cut and her (ahem...glands expressed) yesterday and I about lost it. They put her on the table and hooked her up , and then put a muzzle on her! AH! The look in her eyes...I almost lost it right there in the middle of the Clip Joint! Then today, I got upset because my computer froze. Tears? Um, maybe!

I keep getting these odd pains in my ribs. If I turn the wrong way, it seriously feels like I just broke all of my ribs. I suddenly love tomatoes by themselves with VINEGAR! I was a tomato in a salads kind of girl before...... My favorite thing lately has been tomatoes and cucumbers with vinegar! YUM! I eat a lot of cereal, and salads (with tomatoes and cucumbers of course!!!!) and last night I had my first--I HAD to have this---craving for ice cream. I got it and it was damn good.

My feet continue to get swollen if I am having a busy day (and apparently the comments about them haven't stopped!) but the numbness in my hands is getting better wearing the wrist splints!

Every week surprises me because I experience something new and he is growing so fast!!
Week 23 updates:
Fact: By week 23 of pregnancy your baby can now distinguish between light and dark, and in only a few weeks they will be able to see and grasp the umbilical cord!
During week 23, the fat will begin to form and build under the skin and continue all the way up until delivery day!
During week 23 of pregnancy, the eyes have now formed many layers inside of your baby’s head. They cannot see very well and they aren’t in focus yet, but those senses will be developing soon. All of the parts are in place in the eye – the lens, the cornea, the retina, the iris. The only thing lacking is color pigment in the iris.
The hair on your baby’s head finally is growing at week 23 of pregnancy and your baby may very well be on his or her way to having a full head of hair at birth

Next week I have a post coming with nursery inspiration!


Teresa said...

Love the update!

Maybe this will make you feel better, I sometimes cry when Lila and Roxie get their nails clipped and I'm not pregnant! :)

Sarah said...

haha, i'm totally with theresa, in that i cry at "normal" things all the time.
sounds like you're doin good though, and hangin tough with baby b. belly pic again soon?? :)

Mrs. Dirnberger said...

I was curious to know where he is kicking you. All of the kicks I feel are very low...he kicks below my belly button but that it is the only place I have felt them and wondered if that is about right???
Also..hubby hasn't felt any kicks either:(
I have a feeling we will be delievering around the same time..How cool!!!
Can't wait to see what you your nursery ideas are

Mary said...

I can't imagine how spectacular it is to feel him kicking-your description was pretty funny:)

Julia said...

Gah, you are so far along now! So exciting, Amy.

Katie said...

Thanks for the update! You guys are going to be great parents! Can't wait for the nursery post! I feel like I'm reliving my pregnancy reading your blog and I love it!