Wednesday, July 15, 2009

6 months!!!

(This dress makes me look way bigger....really. :)

I have made it to the six month mark, already? Seriously?

I am starting to feel and look it (pic to come soon, I promise!!) Things that I have done before are becoming a tad bit more difficult. Like the whole bending over thing. Let's not even talk about shaving. My grooming habits have seriously gone downhill and unfortunately, I can't walk around wearing skirts and dresses with Sasquatch on my legs. We won't even mention the nether-regions......if only i didn't fear the wax.

I have developed the dreaded S-word. STRETCH MARKS! Just two on my belly and I'm lubing it up daily with cocoa butter and vitamin E. Guess my genes are destined for those damn things!

Sleeping was going well until the past few days when I came down with a sinus thingy/cold. Normally, I do not self-medicate but when I can't breathe, I'm all about the NyQuil. I have gone back and forth, and researched this and that but have a hard time bringing myself to take anything other than saline spray and lots of Popsicles (and Tylenol for my raging headache.) Lesson learned with all the coughing: Do more kegals. Enough said.

We registered this weekend and I had so much more fun with it than with wedding stuff. Baby things are just more fun in general, especially going with my clueless husband. As we walked into Babies R' Us, his eyes seemed to glaze over with a confused look. "It's like home depot for babies." He had no idea, and thus no idea what half the things were and what purpose they served. If it were him, he said he'd register just for diapers, and a crib. I am curious to see how he would manage to feed the child? I know times are changing but I know a man cannot breastfeed.

Baby is gearing up for a big change this week! According to wombtobloom, During week 24 of pregnancy, your baby will begin the phase of rapid weight gain. Up to this point, the growth has been in structure and not bulk. Since all of the structures are in place, they will begin to fill out and strengthen. This week alone, your baby will gain 6 ounces of muscle and bone mass. That’s almost 25% of their total body weight! Your baby’s lungs are experiencing rapid growth during week 24 of pregnancy!

That is insane! Hello bigger pants?

The past week has really made me start to think about pediatricians, vaccines, and all that fun stuff. I really cannot believe he'll be here in less than 4 months! Time flies!

Now, if I hear one more person tell me that my feet are swollen, or that I'm blossoming....i might punch someone! :) I guess it just means baby is growing, and I'll have to think about it that way. So far, I seem to be told I am all belly so I guess that is a good thing?

I have 4 more weeks left in the 2nd trimester! holy moly!


Sarah said...

ohmygosh look at your awesomely cute belly! and 6 months already?!? wow.

your comments/venting make me laugh :)

p.s. i have a feeling i'll develop a whole web of stretch marks, ugh.

Julia said...

how did this happen?!? SO excited for you, Amy. Most adorable pregnant lady in a dress!

Bethwyn said...

I've always found that the first trimester drags, the second one goes a bit faster and the last trimester flies by, so you will probably be at your due date before you know it! Have fun with shopping!

N. said...

Aww, you look so cute! I can't believe you're already at the 6 month mark!

Katie said...

You look adorable!!!!

jlc said...

You look GREATTT!!