Thursday, August 21, 2008

What was I talking about?

I have been so scatterbrained lately, and easily distractable. I mean it's getting bad. I forgot a baby shower i was supposed to attend. I've messed up on paperwork here and there, I forget my own name (but then again, i still haven't adjusted to being Amy B yet, I'm still in pre-married Amy mode) It's like I forgot my brain at home and it's still lying on my nice fluffy pillow, where i wish i was. No, I am not losing it (well, maybe i am but not officially) and I'm not preggo.

I saw a new Dr. on Friday because I was very unhappy with the chiropractor and his.....well, i guess you can call it, results. He was a great doctor, but not for me. I just didn't feel like he took me seriously. I decided that was the case after the last few weeks when i would go in, still in pain (actually the last two weeks i saw him were the WORST in a long time) and he would shrug it off, and I'd leave wanting to cry. I felt like no one was listening to me. (especially after the one thing that made me feel better, he stopped, wtf)
Yeah, so, I went and saw a real doctor. She said that I have some issues with a disc that is basically irritating the nerves, which is causing the pain in my back. It was clearly shown on the MRI. So, the real doctor prescribed me some meds to calm the inflammation, and it's starting to make me feel a bit out of it.
I'm not complaining, at least i have an excuse for acting like an idiot, but man, I feel like a zombie. I hate that. I hate meds anyway because sometimes i think it masks more than it helps, and in my case, it's just making me damn near special. (insert joke here, i know i have them coming....)

So, i am giving these stupid meds the 3 weeks the doc wants (normally i wouldn't but i am near desperate). I may lose my brain cells, i may lose my keys, and my cell phone, and forget where i parked my car, but ill give her the 3 weeks. Oh, One almost down, two to go.

I'm just dreading the 3rd week because that means if I'm still in pain (and it's looking very likely) that means it's shot time. VERY LARGE NEEDLE IN MY NECK kind of shot.......not so much looking forward to that. I'd rather have my teeth yanked out or a pap smear.

Maybe i should look into acupuncture. At least they are tiny needles. ::sigh::

(oh, and by the way, i know i am missing out on some posts but i FINALLY found my lost camera. So, expect a rampage of posts soon. Our yellow casa is now a white casa. pretty ecstatic about that one......)

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Julia said...

A steroid injection might actually help quite a bit. You won't be able to see the needle coming at you anyway!

I hate to even mention this, but are you a candidate for surgery if things don't improve? Just wondering. I've seen lots of discectomy and fusion patients that have some good success stories. Hang in there!