Friday, August 22, 2008

I almost beat up the starbucks guy!

This guy shouldn't be messing with me before i have had any caffeine. I left work to get my latte that has some many words i can barely spit it out to the girl taking orders.

$3.33 is my total. I dig around in my purse for the .033. I hand the guy $20.33.

He hands me back $16.87

I look down at the change, confused. I ask in bewilderment, "what was my total again?"

Dumbass: $3.33 (um, that is what i thought....) and you gave me 20.13.
Me: I gave you 20.33.
Dumbass: Do you want your receipt? (ok, just bc the receipt says that doesn't make it right)

I wasn't about to create a scene with the 12 year old barista, i mean cashier in front of a never ending line of Clayton-ites for a quarter--but I wanted to. If your going to work with money, and with people, learn how to effing count for Pete's sake. and while your at it, learn some damn people skills. (my biggest pet's called customer service for a reason.)

Why in the hell would I give you change to make more change?

Come on kid, I don't think this profession is working out too well for you. I hear McDonald's needs a fry cook.


Maria said...

Okay, that is bad!!!

Julia said...

How dare they try to mess with you before caffeine. Don't they know that you are unstable at that point?:)

mxq said...

send that kid to mcdonalds and i will freak out! i'll have that story on my blog in about 10 minutes.