Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bennett {3 months} finally

Likes: Mommy, milk, bright lights, chewing on his hands or toys, watching big brother, watching bright lights/movement, being upright looking around, toys, his activity gym, the bouncy seat and walking around in mommy's arms (or daddy's) or the boba. I know I mentioned this already but he loves watching Brady and watches him move around. It's so dang sweet. 

Dislikes: Pacifiers, riding in the car, sometimes being given a bottle. 

Sleep: Well, things went south as in let's use mommy as a pacifier all night long, then we had longer stretches, then back to the pacifier thing and now he's consistently going to bed at 8. He'll either sleep till 10 and then sleep til 4 or 5. If he doesn't get up at 10, he'll get up either between 1-2. Not bad. I'm waiting for it to go back to crap once I go back to work.  

Yummies:  He' still prefers nursing over anything else. He has started taking bottles but we go through days when he'll drink a ton and others where he'll flat out refuse. He's hard to figure out but it's a good thing my job is flexible. He also had to start taking meds this month and I swear they made a difference. His thyroid med and probiotics I feed to him on a spoon mixed with breastmilk and he gobbles it up. He surprisingly does really well with it but since we started both, he's been a way happier guy. 

Growth: Still a peanut but I think he's about 12 pounds now. I used to stress about it and worried it was because he wasn't eating enough but I know it's not that.  He fits perfectly in 3-6 month clothes but some are too short in the legs/arms because of his monkey appendages  He's got my monkey arms! He's in a 2 diaper which I remember thinking were huge a few months ago. 

wow, we had a big month! Little peanut decided he wanted to shake things up when I most needed it. As I was worrying about him and the whole thyroid thing, he rolled over. Back to front. Then, about a week later, he rolled the other way. He is earlier in this area than Brady was so I was shocked! 

He's looking not like a newborn anymore and the smiles. Can't help but love how often they come now and how his face lights up when he sees my face!

Sheesh, 3 months. Slow down, life. Slow down. 

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