Thursday, August 23, 2012

Why, Hello.

It's funny that most of my maternity leave has been pretty uneventful and in the span of the last week? Chaos.

We had a pipe break in our kitchen so it's basically a big fat mess. We have to get a new floor put in and cabinets so while we are at it, we'll replace the top ones too. I'm pretty excited about that since we desperately need a way to utilize the space and to get rid of the 1980's cabinets I painted a few years ago.. I can't contain my excitement as we might be able to squeeze in a pantry. You have no idea how amazing that is and how oddly giddy I am about it. Right now, we have no room and with our family growing, we desperately need the space. Oh and this. I am mentally doing a little jig right now if this finds a way into my kitchen.

Then, my laptop broke. My NEW laptop. After spending an hour on the phone while an epic tantrum ensued (because I don't know, his freggin banana broke or some other toddler problem) and Bennett gave his own rundown of the day with my boob in his mouth (his new trick he does when he's overtired which is oddly cute yet can drive you crazy at the same time) they are sending me a new power cord and are probably praying they never hear from me or my kids again.

Then, my coffeemaker (that's only 8 months old,) also knows as my lifeline decided to make coffee flavored water or water flavored coffee, however you want to look at it, it stopped providing me with that sweet elixir known as strong coffee. Thanks to the fabulous customer service at Keurig, my new baby should be here tomorrow.

and thanks to Fed Ex, I got my hopes up as each truck drove by until I rechecked the tracking number to see they changed it up on me last minute. The NERVE, I tell you. The nerve. 

Then, I guess to really make me crazy, my damn pump will be laid to rest soon. The past few weeks, I've noticed my pump just doesn't feel like it's working right so I took it  today to get the vacuum tested and low and behold, the damn thing is on it's way to the graveyard too. No wonder the girls never were to fond it it. That, my friends, will have to be something that we pay for our of pocket since my insurance company sucks and recently removed that as something they cover and the new 'coverage' won't start till January. Double boo.

Whew. Still there?

I am thankful at this point and time for warranties, insurance and any place that sells good coffee. 

So, without a computer, Ben's 2 month post has to wait but I have to say that kid is going to turn me to mush. The smiles? Oh, boy. The kid has dimples too, just like his big brother. I have yet to move him to his crib and the time he's spend in the pack n play has been only a few fleeting moments where he realizes, 'AHHH! I can't see Mommy!'  I think the feeling is mutual that we love co-sleeping which actually is very surprising to me.  I love my space and I never really enjoyed it with Brady because man, that kid was and still is the most restless sleeper but Bennett is a cuddlebug.

The countdown of my remaining maternity leave has begun (two weeks) and I have so many emotions this time. I'm nervous about all the changes to come and how we all will deal with them. I'm worried how I will manage life with two kids and getting anything done, like you know, dinner, laundry and spending time with my boys! I'm most worried abut how Brady will handle it (as hopefully Blake should be back at work then too and he's been at home with him for a while!) and I'm worried how Bennett will do without being attached to my boob. Meanwhile, all while our kitchen will be in demolition! Yikes. I'm afraid. Very afraid.


Thanks to having no coffee maker, I am desperate enough to drag both kids out of the house to get me through the day. We've managed to hit a few different places this week and Brady earned enough 'stickers' (more to come on this because it's been interesting) to get a 'treat' and he picked a doughnut! As we were leaving, I set Bennett's car seat down next to me while I put him in his car seat. Brady looks at me with the uttermost concern and says, "Mommy! You left Bennett in the store!" Thanks for the confidence in my parenting abilities buddy. I mean, I haven't left him anywhere, right? 


Mrs. Dirnberger said...

Hang in there!!! Coffee is the ONLY thing that keeps me going ever...i feel ya on that :)

tiffibug said...

Chaos sucks. Big floppy donkey...never mind. How precious is that face?