Friday, July 20, 2012

This week

This week has been a mess. On Monday, Blake woke up and could not see out of his right eye. When he was a kid, he had cataracts which of course if abnormal for a kid to have! He had lens implants put in at 8 and on the other eye at 22. When he woke up, he couldn't see anything. His other eye can only see up close. We had no idea what had caused it and it was pretty scary to think he might not be able to see again. He can't drive, watch TV....not really much at all!

Yesterday, he had surgery as the lens had shifted and they stitched it back into place. He has a follow-up today and we should know if it worked!

Today, I get a letter in the mail from Dept of Health saying that Bennett's newborn screening came back abnormal for hypothyroidism.  It does say it was borderline so I'm praying it was just a fluke. He gets retested on Monday!

The poor kid will already needs surgery sometime after he is 6 months (most likely in December) to fix something on his little boy parts, which I thought was going to be a procedure similar to circumcision. I was way off, it's more than that. He will have to go under and it's at least an hour surgery. My heart breaks just thinking of that. Plus, he won't be able to eat before the surgery and I can't imagine not being able to feed him.

I foresee some sort of adult beverage in my future. STAT.

And lots of cuddles with my two favorite little boys. I think almost anything can be cured by that.
 Oh, and watching Brady talk to Bennett, which I need to get on video!

We managed to have some fun though and I am glad to finally be getting out and about! I took both kids out by myself! We started the week off at Monkey Joe's (one of those bouncy places) and Brady had a blast. I was shocked to see how brave he was and he was so proud of himself. Bennett slept peacefully in the Boba (which we love!) the entire time.
We then had a 'picnic in the car' thanks to mommy picking the worst place on earth to grab a quick lunch (the place was so small, open and there was NO place to change diapers!) Brady thought it was a  fun experience as he got to eat in the front seat while Bennett has his lunch too.

Today, it was only 79 when we hit our local nature reserve and took a fun little walk (attempt to get Mommy moving and to wear out Brady!) and then went inside where they have lots of fun things to do/see!

So, let's hoping next week starts out the way this week ended, with more fun!

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Julia said...

oh man, what a week!

1. Hope the surgery was successful for Blake. Keep us updated!

2. Will your Ped talk to you about the abnormal blood work for Bennett? How scary.

3. And I'm so sorry little boy has to have a big surgery. I'd be scared, too but I'm sure it will go well and be no big deal once it's over.

Hang in there!