Monday, July 16, 2012

One of those numbered posts

I have so many posts started but my brain doesn't seem to want to complete whole thoughts lately.

1. I have a whole post coming on this but having two kids is still a foreign thing to me. I love it and while it's not as rough as I expected, it's not easy. It helps both kids are cute and I can say that unemployment has helped my sanity to have a helping hand most days...but I'd trade my sanity to get him a job.

2. Little man is a month old already. Post coming but man..time slow down!

3. Brady came up to me today telling me he was teaching Bennett how to sing. This morning, he was handing out kisses. 'One for you, one for the baby! Everyone gets kisses!' Gosh, I love that kid.  

4. Then, later on after taking about how he is a big boy and how big boys use the potty, I'm convinced this child who requests we change his diaper, will be in diapers a lot longer. His response was basically that he has no desire to use the bathroom and that Bennett wears diapers like him. I'm in no rush but man, it would be nice not to have TWO kids in diapers.

5. I forget how much I loathe the pump. I started last week and I already want to break it. Brady ran around with the parts the other day 'watering' his toys. In his little imagination, it was a watering can.

6. Post baby body during the summer sucks. Nuff said.

7. I'm not ready for this kid to grow up at all but I kinda wish he'd settle into some sort of schedule but I have to remind myself, hey, he's only a month old!

8. How do you now look at this face and fall in love? Little man is one month old today...I know I'll be saying this a lot but man, times flies. 
Yep. Not possible
9. This kid loves to be worn. I ordered a Boba 3g (thanks to some amazon gift cards I've been saving!) and got it today. Can't wait to get some use out of it! The moby has been a lifesaver so far and I wish I had tried out a soft carrier with Brady (he was not a fan of the moby or slings!)

10. I'm having major, "I don't wanna go back to work' blues already. I could go on with the reasons but when you're not happy at a job, it's not easy to go back when you have twice the reason to be home but I remember from last time, the build up was way worse for me. Not that I didn't miss him but thinking about it was way worse. Though, we still have to find child care (long story on this!) and I have to get these girls to pump more than 1/2 an ounce at a time...oh and find MORE time to pump. Any suggestions? Tips? Sympathies? :)
I love these boys. 


Mrs. Dirnberger said...

Potty Training is a pain the arse!!! It is hard...and let me tell it stays hard for a while but it gets some ways

LC said...

One month already?! Ugh...he's so precious. And I love all of the hilarious things Brady says. I hope Ethan has a little mouth on him too...I'm sure he will just like his mama ;) And I'm with you on the summer post-baby body. I'm now in the middle of summer #2 looking like I just had a baby. Humph...

Julia said...

Love this post--makes me think of about 10 different blog posts I've been meaning to write myself:)

Totally hear you on having the short end of the stick when it comes to being able to hide a post baby bod. It's awesome to have maternity leave in the summer but it sucks to dress this body!!

Sarah said...

I'll see your numbered post with a numbered reply.

1. Pp in the summer does suck. Especially this summer! I had visions of walking with the stroller for both of our benefit, but instead I find us hiding out in the house. :(

2. The Boba is amazing. I thanked Mindy profusely for recommending it. Little miss doesn't like the moby very much.

3. I cannot beleive my leave is already half over!

You've got a very cute family. Congrats mama!