Thursday, July 26, 2012

The longest week ever.

Whew. The past week has been a blur but I feel it slowing down some.

Blake's eye surgery went well. He can now see as good as he could before. It was a long day of the surgery since we got there at noon and didn't leave till 430. Luckily, we had a sitter for Brady and I spent a lot of time in the car feeding Bennett which left me some entertainment.

 Side note: the eye surgery center? The worlds smallest office ever and the busiest. Who knew so many people had eye surgery! I kept leaving to walk around the building even though it was 100 degrees out because I was feeling claustrophobic!

The actual surgery was less than 30 minutes but the waiting for the doctor took forever! He was in a lot of pain up until yesterday so I let him rest and felt a bit like a single mom for those few days, exhausting!

Monday, Bennett has his 1 month check up. He is growing well, up 2 pounds to 8.5 (he was down to 6.6 when we left the hospital) and grew an inch! Poor babe got a shot and then had to have his blood drawn for the thyroid test. He was such a trooper though. Cried for a little bit and then just got annoyed the lady had to hold his foot.

They called us yesterday with the results and they are pretty good. When he was tested in the hospital, his levels were 26 and Monday, they were 4. His doctor said that is a good sign that they are dropping and we will retest in two weeks to make sure they are still okay.

I was happy till she dropped another bomb on me.

Apparently, his newborn screening brought back something else.

His hemoglobin test came back abnormal. Apparently, we have normal red blood cells and babies have fetal cells too but he also had some unspecified cells. Well, it could mean nothing, which she said in most cases rings true or it could mean something else.

That is where the confusion sets in. She explained to me but I still didn't quite get what it means in terms of how it could affect him. I've done some research and there are a ton of different things that it could be and most of them don't cause any issues. The screening results also recommended he be retested between 3-6 months and also both Blake and I be tested. I guess we could be carriers and I have no idea what it all means but we will talk about it more in depth at his next visit.

Ugh. I am hoping that since we don't need to be tested for a few months that it's not worry-some but as a mom, it's there.

So, we shall wait and see.

Until then, I look at this and find myself in hysterics.



LC said...

Throw this kid (and his mama) a freaking bone here, right?! Ugh, sorry to hear about his blood test but I'm hoping that it is just something that means nothing. Just annoying that it is something else for you to stress about. Thinking of you, mama! (That picture is so hilarious and awesome!)

Sara said...

Oh my word Amy! Seriously - you have got to catch a break now! There just can't be anything else! Hang in there! I think a girl's night is in order! ;)

Julia said...

At least the last picture is amazing! So sorry you are going through all of this. Love your thoughts on mothering two kids---I'm formulating a post in my head that is similar:)