Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Eggs, bunnies and bubbles!

There is something about holidays that are so much more now that I'm a mom. I find myself giddy if not more than when I was as a child. I was so excited about Easter this year. My lovely husband said it best, there is nothing better than to watch your child have so much fun! Easter is so much more than eggs and all that but it was fun to enjoy those too!

We started our weekend doing a little eye throwing dying. 

 Brady was so into it this year but I think we had many casualties. At least they turned out pretty!
On Easter, we spent the morning as a family. It's hard to believe next year we'll have a 9 or 10 month old and a 3year old! 
After Brady finally settled down to nap, we headed to my IL's. Brady doesn't just get his love of animals from his momma but from his Nana too. They are so gentle and sweet with him too. He surprises me in how brave he is around these giant creatures. I, while I love them, am not so brave, especially when there is one who likes to lick you.

I was told by my husband that our Easter Bunny was a mean one since he brought bunny crackers, fruit snacks and yogurt raisins but his grandparents made up for it. I don't think the kid has ever had so much sugar in his life and even though I hid it all, he kept finding more!
The simple act of egg hunting was such a huge success. I may not of had more fun watching him!
 I can say there is something about this picture that will always make me smile.

 Even after we found all the eggs, he insisted there were more.

 We ended the weekend right..with lots of bubbles. We finally got out the bubble blower he got for his birthday! To say it was a hit is quite the understatement.
Good thing he's cute. It totally makes up for all the fun tantrums we've been lucky to endure lately. 

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