Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I think at this point, 99% of us have the Winter Blues. The past two weeks we have had freezing weather dipping down to the single digits, sleet, snow and ice so we've spent quite a bit of time inside which can spell disaster with a toddler. Cabin Fever might set in but there are some simple cures. Follow my plan and you might only go half crazy and have a little fun while you are at it!
First, you must wear your winter hat inside. Don't forget to take a lot of pictures!

 You have to embrace sunshine and warmth when we are blessed with it! Wait, what does that feel like?

 I think we are all dreaming of more pictures like this, right?

If there is snow, play in it. Run around till your nose turns a nice shade of pink and Mommy gets tired. Usually, the latter happens first! 

Maybe mow the lawn... 

You have to laugh A LOT!
 You can't forget to make a creepy looking snowman

 Play hide-n-seek and officially wear mommy out.

Go inside, snuggle up with some hot tea (warm milk for him!)
You might just need to wear three hats at one time! Take more pictures. 
The best thing to do?

Well, sometimes, you just have to wear mommy's sweater, your winter hat and your new summer sandals at the same time.

Add some accessories and you'll capture memories that you won't soon forget. 


Julia said...

hilarious. Gotta keep the sense of humor! Also, love the new look to the site and the new name.

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Natalie Lovins said...

What a perfectly precious little guy! i am your newest follower from bloggy moms! natalielovins.blogspot.com