Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Little victories

I am having an awful week/few weeks. To be honest, it's a mix of a few things: Stress from work, said stress from work is making me feel like a crappy mom and an impending anniversary. I have more to say about all of this and I have a lot of update you on but I was hoping to have more news by now. More on the latter part when I can write without wanting to cry.

So, I just need to focus on some positive things right now because I'll go to a bad place if I don't.  Driving into work last week, the radio station I was listening was talking about how something little happened and it made their day. We hear so much of the awfully bad, the ugly and the downright dirty but not so much of all the good in life. It's little victories as a mom that get me through each day and we need to celebrate them!

I put Brady down for a nap and he went to sleep! Actually, when he was sicker this weekend, he ASKED to go to sleep!
Little victory for momma

Brady played for hours with a new toy
Little victory for Momma

I made lasagna for the first time and Brady ate it up!
Little victory for Momma

While eating said lasagna, he didn't throw it on the floor!
Even bigger victory for Momma

Brady calls me momma again
Victory, again!

Brady vs Cat.
Cat victory. The cat always wins because she is fast and can hide.

Brady woke up at 5 am last Weds but managed to get him to cuddle with me until our normal wake-up time.
Go, momma!

Brady woke up at 5 am again yesterday but I managed to get him back to sleep by 6 and he slept till 8am ( that is a record , peoples!)
HUGE victory for this mom.

Brady runs around the house chasing the cat, saying, "kitty!' Kitty! "Go?'

We survived Brady's first sickness!

He now independently asks for milk by signing and saying, "a dink' :)

Brady likes to cuddle on the couch with his milk, blanket all while rubbing my hair or holding my hand (the hand holding melts me every time!!)

After an awful day yesterday, my little boy ran to me with his arms open and just sat with his head on my shoulder, patting my back for what felt like an eternity. I soaked it up and the awful day was a distant memory.

What are your little victories?


Courtney said...

Those are some AWESOME victories!! A lot of those seem like BIG ones in my house! Way to go Brady & Momma!

Country Wife said...

Bravo.....for your victories, big and small, but also for your Courage! takes courage to talk openly about those dark days when we fall far from the bar we have set us mommies. When I first stayed at home...I thought I was the only one who had days like that. But as I talked more honestly, other moms began to share too. It bonded us together even more. So enjoy your victories...but don't waste precious energy reliving the failures. You are not Perfect....just forgiven!

Sarah said...

awwwwww. SO wonderful that you can put your stress on hold and really appreciate the silver lining. :)

Julia said...

omg, 'a dink'. That is awesome. All of these little victories are, actually! Hang in there!

Mrs. Dirnberger said...

OHhh I hope everything is going to be ok, I will be thinking about you :)!!!
Isn't signing the best thing ever for little guys!

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