Monday, February 14, 2011

Gone, baby, gone.

The time had come.
It had really come. It was time to get a haircut. Now, please do not think I allowed my child out of the house like that. Ok, I might have a few times. This is how it looked like after he woke up or after I poofed it up for the camera. or all the time.

We went to a place called, The Hairy Elephant which is a kid's 'salon.' Blake joked that only I would find a place that is out of our way and has a silly name but I wanted the first haircut to be a good experience.

Mostly, I didn't want him to fidget and scream and come out looking like he cut his own hair. For reals.

We knew the appointment was early afternoon and most days he still takes a morning nap, well not this one. We tried for over an hour to get him to fall asleep and he passed out on the way there.

I had to wake him up and this is why he looks as if he has no idea where he is....
This is zoned out Brady.

 The first few snips. Watching his curls fall to the floor? Oh man.
 A big kid is emerging! As she was cutting it, she commented it on how 'crazy' his hair is because of the cowlick trifecta. His hair is so thick in the middle, she commented that he has a natural mohawk. Why yes he certainly did for at least seven months of his life until the rest of the hair grew in!
 He did FANTASTIC. With a small head shake or two when she cut his bangs, he stayed mostly still for her. I still cannot believe it. Well, the whole sitting in a car thing and having a TV on with Dora helped.
 Ta-da! He's shocked he looks so good :)

The trifecta is GONE!

He's enjoying a blue messy sucker.....

Patiently waiting for his post haircut pizza. 
Diving head first into some cheesy goodness. 

Can someone please tell me when my baby got so big? 

All he needs is a remote control!

His own certificate for the baby book! It reads:

Brady (Insert last name which is covered up by a Gap coupon) was very brave and didn't scream or fuss that much even though they brought me to this strange place and covered me in a sheet thing and cut my hair!   As of Today, Feb 12, 2011, I am a big kid and really cool. 

Insert big mommy tears. My baby keeps growing up....sigh.


Mrs. Dirnberger said...

I keep putting off the hair cut...cutting those baby curls is NOT something I look forward too :)
I am glad you were brave enough to do it..hehe

Sarah said...

WOW, that first pic is almost too crazy to be believed! :) the haircut turned out so cute, what a handsome little dude! and the certificate is a fun idea :)

Courtney said...

This is awesome! wish we had a place like that around here for Berkley's hair. We're currently just letting it grow to see exactly how big it can get. At some point I'm going to give in! So impressed that your little guy didn't fuss!!!

N. said...

Those curls were adorable, but he looks like such a cute big boy now! What a moment. I am not looking forward to Finn's first haircut. I love his long hair! I've never seen a certificate like that. How special!

Katie said...

Amy, he's adorable! Now it will grow in more quickly and much thicker! :)

Lisa said...

awwww what a handsome little man!

Julia said...

Love it!! He looks so handsome.

Anonymous said...

Super cute pictures! He's adorable.

We're going for haircut #2 tomorrow and I've been on the verge of canceling it for days. He had the first haircut, which was just a tiny trim, and I don't know why, but this one (tomorrow) is really getting to me ... I hate that they're growing up so fast :(


Maria said...

I love his new haircut Amy!!!