Thursday, January 8, 2009

Odds and Ends

Cute isn't it? Well, guess what? It's more suitable for Piper and Lily than it is for us humans. It's abit pricey for a doggie bed but it sure is adorable. Find it at Overstock here.

Speaking of pets, Piper is finally back to her normal self. She gets spayed on the 29th so lets hope she doesn't go back into heat by then!

Last week, I finsihed up my gazillionth round of Physical therapy. While i think it's helped strenghten, the pain has yet to go away (and it has been worse lately.) I'm trying to stay positive but it's hard after 9 months. I decided that i needed a 2nd opinion and I see a new doc (thanks Mary, Ali and Megan!!!) next week! I'm really hoping for something--an answer to why i am still in pain would be the best! Wish me luck!

I have been searching and searching for a duvet cover that i love, but have had no luck. Then, thanks for Mary and HGTV, I found this.

I don't think i want this specific color, but something similar. I love green. Love green, it's rather an obsession. I have a green coat. Green accessories. Green blankies, and everything else, why not a green room. I love the white with the bold color. I don't think he'll care but I'll have to consult with the mister. :) Add a simple white duvet, and the white furniture. Viola! That is my next project (at least one of them)


Katie said...

What a cute couch! Too bad it's for the pets!

I would LOVE to see you do your room like this. I don't think Juan would go for it, or I would totally do it!

Mary said...

I really hope you find some relief soon. Nine months is too long for you to be in pain! Keep us posted on what the 2nd opinion says.

I like that green, but don't have the guts to do something that bold. I agree that it looks really pretty with the simple white furniture.

Katie @ said...

That green really fits that room with all of the white. Imagine that dog bed in there! Oh maybe too much. I like them separate, and I was thrown off when you said that couch was for animals!

Maria said...

I'm obsessed with green too! I love the picture of the room you posted.

amber said...

I love the color green too. That room is beautiful!

Adrienne said...

That bedroom looks amazing!!!